Party for the Earth in Amalgama7

The Can Ros Therapeutic School celebrates next Saturday March 25 the First Party for the Earth. Taking advantage of the magnificent natural environment and the beginning […]

Visit to the Centre d’Apropament a la Natura at Navàs

From 13 to 15 March, residents of Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Valldaura went to the Centre d’Apropament a la Natura (CAN) at Navàs (Barcelona). For three days, […]

The Carnival in the Amalgama7 Therapeutic and Educative Schools

As the tradition marks between the end of February and the beginning of March, the Carnival Festival is held, a step prior to Lent. In the […]

Extraordinary Therapeutic Dynamics in Rural Therapeutic Schools

On Thursday, March 2, residents of the therapeutic school CTE Julià Romea visited their colleagues in the rural therapeutic schools to perform two dynamics. Taking advantage […]

Preventive Workshop on Alcohol and Tobacco Use and Abuse

On March 2, members of the Amalgama7 care teams gave workshops on “Tobacco: a drug that has lost glamor” and “Alcohol: the drug of the spot” […]


On a weekly basis, residents of Amalgama7 therapeutic schools carry out this practice, within the framework of various sports activities. It is intended to offer an […]
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