4th Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk

Adoption: protection factor or risk factor?… 18 years later!
(“Adoption: protection factor or risk factor?… 18 years later!”)

Cosmocaixa Barcelona Auditorium, October 19th 2017

Attendees to the Conference

Public administrations

Generalitat de Catalunya (departments of Education, Work, Social Affairs and Families, Health, Justice; ICAA…), Government of Aragón, Government of Andorra, Town Halls of Barcelona, Girona, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Santa Coloma de Gramenet; TV3…

Entities, school centres and universities

From IES Torrelles de Llobregat; Escoles Diputación, Garbi Pere Vergés, Jesuits (Bellvitge, Sarrià-Sant Ignasi), Jesús Maria, Liceu français of Barcelona, Salesians of Sarrià; Faculties of the Universities of Barcelona, Autonomous of Barcelona, Blanquerna-Ramon Llull…

Care Services

Various CSMIJ and CSS at Barcelona and region (Les Corts, Sarrià-St. Gervasi, Montcada and Sant Andreu…); Hospitals (Sant Joan de Déu, Clínic and Hospital hospital Pere Virgili, Barcelona; Althaia Xarxa Assistencial de Manresa, Centre near, Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell, CPB Mental Health services, family breeding, shortcut, GECIP, Day Hospitals for teenagers (Granollers, Nou Barris, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi), Red Cross, Orgó, Panakos Seris, Integral services of psychology, Sife Badalona, Totterapia…

Biopsicosocial Care Centers

Amalgama7, ITA, Recurra-Ginso…

Third Social Sector entities

Acts, Ad social initiatives, ADDIF, Afatrac, AFIN, Ampans, Experientia Association, Asociación Raíces, Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, Casa de la Alegría, shortcut, EDUVIC, Childhood Social Action Foundation (FASI), Fundación ARSIS, Crossroads Foundation, Foundation The threshold, the three Foundation with BEA Eulàlia Torras Foundation, Hills, Galatea Foundation, IPSS SUCH Foundation, Fundació Pere Tarrés Foundation, Private Foundation, Iras Work Protect agriculture, Private Foundation P. And p. Pizarroso, and Community Health Foundation, Fundación Vidal i Barraquer, Intress, Jesuit education, The Casa de la Alegría, the voice of the Adopted, Passwork, Pincat, Suara cooperative, table of entities of the Third Sector of Catalonia, ADHD Vallès, Yamuna, GINSO…


Obra Social La Caixa, FC Barcelona Foundation, Fundación Vidal I Barraquer, Fundación Miguel Torres, official College of Physicians of Barcelona, College of Journalists of Catalonia, Catalan Association of Psychology, Illustrious College of the lawyer Barcelona, Association of Educators and Social workers of Catalonia, Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, Ampans, TV3, Mental Health cluster of Catalonia, Nestlé Health Science, Otsuka, Lundbeck…


This conference does not aim to focus the debate on pre-adoption, adoption in itself or on the services immediately to post-adoption, but focus on the profiles, characteristics and concerns expressed by children who were adopted and which are now mostly adults. It must be taken into account that international adoptions in Catalonia and Spain began in 1997, mostly in 1999, so now it comes of age.


The style of the conference organized by Amalgama7 is not that the speakers at each table make a previous presentation, but rather establish an interdisciplinary debate from the first minute of the table, in the first hour, only by the speakers and, subsequently, with the participation of experts and those attending the Conference.


8.15 h: Reception and delivery of documentation.

9 a.m.: Opening table

  • Cristina Molina Grill, Director of the Plan for Mental Health and addictions of the Department of health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Mercè Esteve Balagué, deputy Director general of Ordenación y Atención en la Diversidad del Departamento de Educación of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Agnès Russiñol Amat, director of the Instituto de Acogida y Adopción (ICAA), Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Pere Bonet Dalmau, president of the Mental health cluster of Catalonia, director of Mental Health at the Althaia Foundation.
  • Jordi Labòria Martorell, President of the private Foundation Portal, to boys and girls with dual pathology and support their families.

Introduce: Montserrat Magrané Delfin, director general of AMALGAMA7, therapeutic and educative care for adolescentes, jóvenes y sus familias.

10 H: Readings:
“Adoptions: 18 years later” (TV3, 2014)

  • Josep Rovira Cuadrench, director of the programme's documentary “Frontline”, from TV3, professor of the degree of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Barcelona.

Adolescents and young people adopted and not adopted with risky behaviors, behavioral disorders or dual pathology: a comparative diagnostic study

  • Jordi Royo Isach, clinical director of Amalgama7, Vice President of the Foundation, co-founder of the Spanish society for the study of the Filio-parental violence (Sevifip).
  • Ramón Martí Montraveta, Manager, medicopsiquiatrica of Amalgama7.

Introduce and moderate: Judit Carreras Tort, Presidency Coordinator of the Portal Private Foundation.

12 h: Pause

12.30 h: Round table 1:
The adoption 18 years later: a clinical look

  • Montserrat Pamias Massana, Vice President of the Catalan society of Psychiatry Infanto-juvenil, Coordinator of children's Mental Health and youth of the Corporation health Parc Taulí in Sabadell.
  • Joan Vegué Grilló, medical director of CPB-Serveis Salut Mental, treasurer of the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia.
  • Daniel Roca Sánchez, Institutional Relations of Otsuka, Vice President of the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia.
  • Marta San Martino Pomés, psychotherapist of the Adoption Team of the Vidal i Barraquer Foundation.
  • Rosa Mora Valls, clinical psychologist, co-founder of Cria Familia.
  • Carles Benet Domingo, head of the Family Care Unit and a member of ICAA's Post-Adoptive Care Service.
  • José Luis Sancho, director of the Recurra-GINSO program.
  • Mariangela feliu Zapata, director of the Ambulatory Center of Amalgama7 Barcelona.

Introduce and moderate: Cristina Baliarda Hernández, director of the CTE Can Ros Therapeutic and Educational School, Amalgama7.

14 h: Lunch (inside Cosmocaixa)

15 h: Round table 2:
Adoption 18 years later: a familiar, academic and social look.

  • Eduard Hernández Ubide, coordinator of the Guardianed and Outlasted Youth Area of DGAIA, Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Gemma Garcia Calatayud, Education Inspector, Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Puri Biniés Lanceta, coordinator of the Association on the Protection of the Right of Children to the Family (Addif).
  • Cristina Negre Masia, of Aprop, Center of Psychology and Pedagogy.
  • Beatriz San Román Sobrino, researcher at AFIN, Member of the Executive Committee of the Coordinator of associations in defence of the adoption and foster care (CORA).
  • Cristina Benet Costa, head of the Barcelona Area of The Voice of the Adopted.
  • Marc Guilló Vila, head teacher of Amalgama7.

Introduce and moderate: Vinyet Mirabent Junyent, care director of the Psychological Medical Center and coordinator of the Adoption Team of the Vidal i Barraquer Foundation.

16.30 h: Round table 3:
Adolescents adopted and not adopted with conduct disorder admitted to residential character bio-psychosocial centers.

  • Javier Urra Portillo, President of the Governing Commission of the program use-GINSO (Madrid), Honorary President of Sevifip.
  • Daniele Cipriano, head of the behavioral disorders care program at the Institute of Food Disorders (ITA) (Barcelona).
  • Montserrat Magrané Delfin, CEO of Amalgama7 (Barcelona).

Introduce and moderate: Silvia Gómez Estrada, director of the Ambulatorio center of Amalgama7 Madrid.

18 h: Round table 4:
Vision of adoption from its protagonists: adopted adults and adoptive families.

  • Roundtable consisting of a group of adopted youth and various adoptive families.

Introduce and moderate: Anna Velilla Calvo, director of therapeutic and educational schools and family care at Amalgama7.

19.30 h: Closing of the Day.

Row of invited experts
Participating representatives of different professional colleges, universities and multidisciplinary technicians from both the Administration and other entities.

4th edition 2017