Extraordinary Therapeutic Dynamics in Rural Therapeutic Schools
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The Carnival in the Amalgama7 Therapeutic and Educative Schools

Colorful carnival background with stripes and mask

As the tradition marks between the end of February and the beginning of March, the Carnival Festival is held, a step prior to Lent. In the Amalgama7 therapeutic schools several activities were prepared:

Rural Therapeutic Schools

In the rural therapeutic schools, a costume and a contest competition was prepared. Residents were divided into groups by Cohabitation Units (UC) and disguised as different themes: Joker and his girlfriend, superheroines, poker cards, flowers and bees. The group that managed to win the contest received a special prize.

Therapeutic School CTE Julià Romea

The residents of the Urban Therapeutic School CTE Julià Romea organized this year a carnival around the world of viticulture and prepared some disguises of grape. They also carried out a jubilee through the school with tests such as chair race, track games, etc.

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