What is the therapeutic and educational school for adolescents and young people?

Amalgama7 is an institution that was designed and coordinated in partnership with the public administration. Since 1997, it has specialised in providing care for adolescents, young people and their families.

We have developed a therapeutic model and our own healthcare network, made up of outpatient, day and residential centres located in different autonomous communities.

The therapeutic schools are at the same time a hospital, a school, a holiday camp and a residence for adolescents, designed to provide those admitted the opportunity to continue their regulated studies (compulsory and post-compulsory).

The Can Ros therapeutic school is located near the city of Tarragona, in a rural estate of more than 1000 hectares. It also includes a constructed area of more than 3,500m2 dedicated to therapeutic and educational purposes, and planned extracurricular, cultural and leisure activities.

A space designed to provide therapy, education, sports and care for families whilst surrounded by a wonderful natural environment.


What is wrong with my child?

  • Lack of motivation at school
  • Difficulties with the family
  • ‘Screenism’: Excessive use of video games, social networks, entertainment platforms, online gambling, etc.
  • Attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Irregular habits (eating, tidiness, sleep, schedules)
  • Drug use and addiction (cannabis, alcohol, etc.)
  • Specific difficulties associated with or derived from adoption
  • Stress and anxiety related to situations of abuse or bullying



Amalgama7 Specialities

Comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team comprising of more than 150 professionals: doctors, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, teachers, educational and social integration workers, lawyers, leisure time monitors, occupational therapists, etc. all of whom are experts in the care of adolescents, young people and their families.

  • Academic unmotivated, academic performance below their potential.
  • States of loneliness, social withdrawal, difficulties with adapting to school.
  • Abuse at school (bullying, cyberbullying, etc.).
  • Attention deficit with or without hyperactivity (ADHD).
  • Screen time. Obstruction to recreational activities (social networks, entertainment platforms, video games, online gambling, etc.).
  • Conflicts of understanding, family coexistence (Child to Parent Violence, CPV).
  • Specific issues in adolescence derived from and/or related to adoption.
  • Use, abuse, dependence on drugs (cannabis derivatives, alcohol, etc.)..



Facilities and Services

The Amalgama7 therapeutic schools have the corresponding approvals and authorizations from the public administration departments of health, education, and social services.


  • Diagnostic guidance with state-of-the-art technological instruments
  • Medical and nursing area
  • Clinical psychology and psychiatry area
  • Individual and group care
  • Proximity therapy structured in three developmental phases
  • Attention to families and preparation of regular reports
  • Specialized legal advice


  • Team of teachers specialised in arts and science subjects and experts in teenage students with a history of disruptive behaviour.
  • Academic level test on entry
  • Reduced class sizes taught by teaching staff with the support of the socio-educational team.
  • Compulsory and Obligatory Subjects (ESO)
  • Post-compulsory courses (Further education courses)
  • Extended school calendar
  • Attractive school materials
  • Continuous follow-up with families


  • Independent kitchen supervised by nutritionists and designed for a healthy, diverse and balanced diet.
  • Laundry, maintenance and specialised residential services.
  • Activities to encourage independence (tidiness, hygiene, clothing, etc.)
  • Internal and external facilities designed to promote therapy (two swimming pools, sports courts, libraries, study rooms, rooms with a personal bathroom, etc.)


  • Team of expert and specialist educators, workers, integrators and social monitors in teenagers and young people.
  • Activities include psychotherapeutic, cultural, educational, socio-labour and leisure events.
  • Activities planned in the context of the therapeutic school itself and abroad. (Visits to museums, excursions, etc.)
  • Specialized therapeutic sports program programme taught by qualified professionals (swimming, cycling, kick boxing, football, basketball, sailing, running).

Multidisciplinary team

Amalgama7 has an interdisciplinary team comprising of more than 150 professionals from the health field: doctors, clinical psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists; in education: specialized teachers in arts and science subjects; in socio-education: educators, social workers and for the residential area: kitchen, laundry, maintenance, etc…



Frequent Questions

Consult possible ways of financing and other economic benefits.

Currently, and according to our experience, the main problems that families encounter with their teenage children are essentially related to family coexistence, their action (or inaction) with respect to domestic tasks, their eating habits, school (homework), leisure (especially related to the abusive consumption of substances and new technologies)…

Likewise, parents often bring us their concern regarding the relationship difficulties of their teenager sons and daughters with their family, social and academic environment, and who do not know how to cope: insecurity, isolation, sudden mood swings, inappropriate or violent behaviors…

If you are living any of these realities, we can help you…

To our endender, teenagers who live their adolescence from the slogan: “I see it, I want it, I have it” will be especially susceptible to attention. Those that between the concepts of “having” or “being” opt systematically for “having”. Those that manifest a low performance of their main activity (academic) and that at the same time make a risky use of their free time and their “pocket” money. Those that present disorders from the biopsychological perspective (medical and / or psychopathological) and / or family risk behaviors (disobedience, irritability, isolation, etc.) and / or school (disobedience, poor performance, absenteeism, etc.) and / or social (compulsive purchases, thefts, sale of illegal substances and others, etc.) and / or legal (complaints, detentions, trials, convictions, etc.). Those who will not express intellectual restlessness, or any social, political, religious, formative interest, and on the contrary, will plan their time and motivation around risky and, therefore, self-destructive behaviors such as polydrug use and / or eating disorders, social addictions (Internet, compulsive purchases and others), sectarian identifications (of any sign) and / or xenophobic and / or racist, and / or simply live by “the party” as the maximum expression of adoption and identification with the so-called leisure culture.

If you encounter any of these realities, we can help you…

At Amalgama7 we provide outpatient, residential or day-care centre care to teenagers and young people with risk behaviors or a basic profile of behavioral and / or dual disorders, and we offer treatments in the following areas:


  • addictions to substances (consumption, polydrug use, abuse or toxic dependency), new technologies, compulsive purchases…
  • violence (school, family, social…),
  • disorders related to nutrition and eating behavior,
  • risky sexual behavior,
  • difficulties in the area of ??adoption and post adoption,
  • various psychopathological disorders…
  • Likewise, we offer care to their families, who need guidance, advice and, in cases that require it, therapeutic care.

It is a model of comprehensive care resulting from the interaction of six different areas:


  • Clinical area: a comprehensive intervention
  • Academic area: a motivational school
  • Socio-educative area: educative activities
  • Legal area: a consultative service
  • Attention for families: continued support
  • Socio-occupational area: activities for the inclusion

We are here to help you

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