Care for adoptive families

13% of the adolescents and young people assisted in an outpatient setting are boys and girls adopted, and this figure rises to almost 20% among residents of therapeutic and educative schools.

This fact has allowed us for those families to consider individual and group assistance strategies. In addition, one of the lines of research in Amalgama7 initiated in 2005 refers to a comparative diagnostic study between adopted and non-adopted teenagers and young people with risk behaviors, behavioral disorders and/or dual disorders. The objective of this study, in addition to the dissemination of its results, allows us to share and value together with other interdisciplinary experts. In this sense, we organize seminars, specialized contents in postgraduate courses and masters, and specialized seminars such as the IV Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk, entitled “Adoption: protection factor or risk factor?… 18 years later!”which took place on October 19th, 2017.