When is a teenager considered to need specialized help?

To our endender, teenagers who live their adolescence from the slogan: “I see it, I want it, I have it” will be especially susceptible to attention. Those that between the concepts of “having” or “being” opt systematically for “having”. Those that manifest a low performance of their main activity (academic) and that at the same time make a risky use of their free time and their “pocket” money. Those that present disorders from the biopsychological perspective (medical and / or psychopathological) and / or family risk behaviors (disobedience, irritability, isolation, etc.) and / or school (disobedience, poor performance, absenteeism, etc.) and / or social (compulsive purchases, thefts, sale of illegal substances and others, etc.) and / or legal (complaints, detentions, trials, convictions, etc.). Those who will not express intellectual restlessness, or any social, political, religious, formative interest, and on the contrary, will plan their time and motivation around risky and, therefore, self-destructive behaviors such as polydrug use and / or eating disorders, social addictions (Internet, compulsive purchases and others), sectarian identifications (of any sign) and / or xenophobic and / or racist, and / or simply live by “the party” as the maximum expression of adoption and identification with the so-called leisure culture.

If you encounter any of these realities, we can help you…

More information: “Family care”.