Master’s and doctorate’s courses

Clinical and social Amalgama7 team participates, as a teacher, in different courses for university students and graduates in different colleges and universities, in different clinic thematics on behavior disorders and/or dual disorders in teenagers and young people.

Latest interventions

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Autonomous University of Barcelona

• Master’s Degree in Child and Young People Clinical Psychopatology: “Addictive behaviors” and “Child to parent violence”
Universitat de Barcelona

University of Barcelona

• Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescence Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology: “Amalgama7: a therapeutic and educative intervention”
• Master’s Degree in Drug Addiction
• Postgraduate in residential reception centres for childhood and adolescence
Universitat Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull University

Faculty of Social education and Social work Pere Tarrés
• Seminar Freiburg-Barcelona: “Amalgama7: a therapeutic and educative intervention for teenagers and young people”
Universitat de Girona

University of Girona

Foundation University of Girona: innovation and training
• Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Health. Postgraduate course: “Intervention in addictions”.
Universitat de Lleida

University of Lleida

• 4th Week of Psychology: “New teenagers: the rebels of welfare”.
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Open University of Catalonia

Degree in Criminology
• Seminar on family victimization: “Therapeutic integral intervention on child to parent violence”.
Universitat Catalana d'Estiu

Universitat Catalana d'Estiu

• “Teenagers and drugs, a combination of risk: the cannabis derivatives”.
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

• Master’s Degree in Psychologic-forensic and prison Assessment.