Therapeutic and educative school CTE Mas Valldaura Nou

Welcome to Valldaura Nou,
a privileged space to initiate the socio-occupational insertion

Located in the same farm of the Therapeutic and educative School CTE Valldaura, it is a residential space of more than 1,000 m2 oriented to give support to young people in the last process of their treatment and who want to start a social and labour activity. It has ample spaces destined to the display of diverse activities with the objective to awaken the interest by the learning of habits that can become fundamental when entering the labour market. To this end, it has the collaboration of companies and entities of the third social sector.

Valldaura Nou: close to the companies. Stimulating vocation, autonomy and specialized training

A residential facility in the middle of nature

Towards responsible autonomy

A cooking to ensure a healthy, balanced diet

A specialized socio-educative team


Socio-occupational activities: a way to learn to work


Family coordination: an essential tool

Specialist legal advice

What is a day at Valldaura Nou like?

The day begins just before 7.30am. First of all, it’s time to get dressed, make the bed and have breakfast. After clearing the table, some of the residents move to various socio-labor centres, others remain in the class-workshop, where they start in different activities (learning to make a curriculum, furniture restoration workshop, painting…). In mid-morning we have a short break and a snack. Residents, if appropriate, are scheduled to have therapeutic follow-up.

The activity is resumed until lunchtime. After a short recreation time, training activities are planned in the therapeutic and educative school or in external training centres (professional training, technician in conducting physical-sport activities in the natural environment, languages…) and in some cases socio-occupational activities continue. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the coordination with Portal Private Foundation, that promotes companies of labor insertion.

After the afternoon snack (5pm), as the evening approaches, it’s time for showers and tidying up. Dinner begins at 8pm and is followed by a planning session and a grup psychotherapy session for relapse prevention, followed by leisure time. The residents go to rest at 10.30pm and the lights go out.


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