Who are we for

Amalgama7 offers outpatient, residential or day-centre attention for teenagers and young people with risk behaviors or who have a basic profile of behavioral and/or dual disorders, and their families, with the objective to make behavior changes in both directions, both teenagers and their parents. In addition, we offer training and educative activities aimed at academic and health professionals and institutions.

Adolescents i joves

Teenagers and young people


  • Difficulties in family life.
  • School performance difficulties.
  • Consumption, polydrug use, abuse or dependence on toxic substances.
  • Child to parent violence.
  • Other behaviors of food, sexual, social, and legal risk.
  • Abusive use of new technologies (ICT) and/or paralyzing leisure general (mobile phone, TV, video games, Internet…).

Les seves famílies

Their families

who need guidance, advice and, if required, therapeutic care.
It also offers guidance and special care for adoptive families with children who have reached adolescence or have reached the age of majority and who are at risk, behavioral disorders or dual disorders.
Centres i professionals del món acadèmic i de la salut

Schools, health professionals and health and residential centres

that need information, orientation, training and that they want to reffer students or patients presenting risk behaviors.