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Network of professional Amalgama7 partners

Amalgama7 is a private and concerted entity with the Public Administration that, since 1997, cares for teenagers and young people with risk behaviors, behavior and/or dual disorders, and their families. Amalgama7 has a therapeutic and educative model of its own, which for its results is among the best European healthcare networks, and consists of a comprehensive care based on the interaction of six areas: clinical area, academic area, socio-educative area, attention to families, legal area and socio-occupational area.

The therapeutic and educative school: a comprehensive and effective innovative response

In Amalgama7, and in the course of the last 20 years, we have developed, among others, its own specialized network of ambulatory care centers, in Barcelona and Madrid, and residential, promoting a new specialized device for adolescents and young people with behaviors of risk, behavioral or dual disorders: the therapeutic and educative school. An innovative space that offers the resident, in addition, a clinical, academic and, in a socio-educational sense, a house of colonies. Likewise, specific attention is offered to families during the therapeutic process of the resident child.

Network of healthcare centers and therapeutic and educative schools

  • Outpatient rehabilitation centre Barcelona
  • Outpatient rehabilitation centre Madrid
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Can Ros (Alt Camp, Tarragona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Valldaura (Berguedà, Barcelona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Mas Valldaura Nou (Berguedà, Barcelona)
  • Therapeutic and educative school CTE Julià Romea (Barcelona)

These centres are approved as specialized health centres by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, registered in the Register of health centres, services and establishments of the Department of Health, and in the Register of entities, services and social establishments of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, as outpatient and residential sociosanitary centres, and support for socio-occupational insertion.

Ambulatorio BCN

Outpatient centre BCN

Ambulatorio MAD

Outpatient centre MAD

CTE Can Ros

CTE Can Ros

CTE Valldaura

CTE Valldaura

CTE Mas Valldaura Nou

CTE Mas Valldaura Nou

CTE Julià Romea

CTE Julià Romea

On the other hand, regarding the academic field, Amalgama7 has an agreement with the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya under which we can impart, evaluate and accredit secondary education in therapeutic and educative schools. Regarding post-compulsory education, based on an agreement with the IOC (Institut Obert de Catalunya), we manage the enrollment and teach classes of various types of post-compulsory education.

What do we offer?

  • Specialized training
  • That they can visit the residential therapeutic schools of Amalgama7.
  • That they have residential, day center and outpatient spaces in our healthcare network.
  • They can receive, if they wish, timely information on the evolutive course of the referred patient.
  • That they can visit the patient in the residential therapeutic schools of Amalgama7 with the periodicity that is agreed.
  • And other possibilities of collaboration.

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Amalgama7, Therapeutic and educative attention for teenagers, young people and their families
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 620, 1º 1ª A · 08007 BCN · tel. 932 374 122
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Contact person: Manuel Sánchez