Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk

Framed in the area of Research, evaluation and publications, within the group of Social awareness activities. They are held annually, preferably at October, and involve professionals from various fields of health, education, social services, legal and business, public administration and entities of the third social sector. Each edition covers the 350 places available.

This day, of social awareness, aims to provide answers to emerging questions that must be answered from the transversality. The themes addressed are essentially related to the main risk behaviors in teenagers and young people: drug use, behavior of abuse of new technologies, gender-based violence, conduct disorders, characteristics and special needs of adoptive families, adopted children when they reach the age of majority…

The first two editions of this conference have been organized by the Spanish Society for the Study of Child to Parent Violence (Sevifip) and the Portal Foundation, to help boys and girls with dual disorders and their families, and Amalgama7 took the technical direction. From the third edition, the Portal Foundation has organized the conference, under the technical direction of Amalgama7.



  • Social awareness regarding emerging problems related to risk behaviors of teenagers and young people.
  • The interdisciplinary debate of experts in the fields of health, education, social services, justice, law enforcement agencies…
  • Promote and present studies and research related to risk behaviors in teenagers and young people.
  • Cooperate with specialized services of public administrations, universities, hospitals and healthcare services, specialized residential centers, entities of the third social sector…
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