Christmas Day

Every year, and in the traditional celebration of December 25th, a Christmas meal is organized in Amalgama7 jointly by the residents, their families and members of the management, clinic, academic and educative teams of the therapeutic and educative schools. Up to 2017 there have been 19 editions.

In a restaurant of the area and distributed by tables of families, we find ourselves to share affection and a traditional menu of typical Christmas dishes.

After dessert, the residents are the protagonists of a surprise party, specially prepared by themselves with, among others, a sung of typical carols from different parts of the world.


  • Share that Christmas day is not a sad day, absences or conflictive day, but quite the opposite.
  • Strengthen the structure of a team formed by residents, their families and the team of the therapeutic and educative schools.
  • Live this day in a joint, special and different way and turn it into a symbol that encourages complicity, healthy celebration and hope for the future.
Christmas Day