Annual Evaluation and Debate Day

Framed in the area of Research, evaluation and publications, within the group of social awareness activities, they are made annually, preferably on November. On that day, we gathered, around a privileged space, teenagers, young people, families, professionals from various fields and experts of the Amalgama7 preventive and assistance teams to exchange and share experiences and knowledge. Up to 2018 there have been 20 editions.

At 9 o’clock there is the welcome and delivery of documentation. From 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, members of the clinical, academic and socio-educative teams present experiences and activities from the various Amalgama7 intervention areas, among others, the annual presentation of the profile of the teenagers and young people seen in Amalgama7, by means of a follow-up study two years after its high therapeutic. Private Portal Foundation, in support of boys and girls with dual disorders and their families, also presents the main activities carried out throughout the year.

From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., taking advantage of the food space, simultaneous discussion tables are set up where, in each one of them, with the help of a president and a secretary, we analyze the same script with questions to the environment of the Main risk behaviors currently carried out by teenagers and young people and the conflicts that arise in the family as well as the school, health, legal and social. Next, a poetic space takes place, and finally, the therapeutic discharge and recognition are given to those patients and their families who have completed their process in the Amalgama7 therapeutic and educative schools.


  • To present the annual follow-up study of teenagers and young people who were hospitalized in Amalgama7, two years after being discharged.
  • Discuss new social emergencies and strategies that can contribute to improving communication between parents and children, not only among experts and professionals from different disciplines, but also and in conjunction with teenagers, young people and their families.
  • Know the activity carried out by the Fundació Privada Portal during this year.
  • Deliver on a face-to-face and shared the therapeutic highs to those patients and families who have finished their therapeutic process.