Saló de l’Ensenyament 2018

Once again, residents of the therapeutic schools of Amalgama7 visit the Saló de l’Ensenyament de Barcelona (Hall of teaching of Barcelona), which is held between March 14th […]

Preventive workshops at the Pia Nostra Senyora School of Barcelona

Friday, March 9th and 16th, members of the health teams of Amalgama7 have given four workshops for the prevention of risk behaviours such as: the use and […]

The Night of the Oscars in Amalgama7

Past Monday, March 5th, within the classroom activities of the therapeutic and educative CTE Can Ros School we have celebrated the delivery of the Oscars. Previously we […]

Theater Workshop in Valldaura

From the therapeutic and educative School CTE Valldaura we have started a theater workshop. Residents will work on the creation of a complete play, from the […]

Amalgama7 in the XLVth Socidrogalcohol Days in Toledo

Next Friday, March 9th 2018, Jordi Royo Isach, clinical manager of Amalgama7, has participated in the XLV Socidrogalcohol Days, which took place in Toledo between the 8th […]

Conference for parents of students at the Federico Fliedner Foundation, Madrid

On Friday, March 9th 2018, Silvia Gómez, director of the Madrid Outpatient Centre of Amalgama7, has given a workshop on gender violence in teenagers at El Porvenir School in […]
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