Social awareness

Some of the risk behaviors that perform certain teenagers and young people are recent and become new emerging social. Some examples: new drugs and new patterns of consumption and polydrug use, the abuse related to new information and communication technologies, certain social, school and family violence behaviors… In many cases, these behaviors will be symptomatic of a previous, induced or associated disorder that can be processed into diseases that are mostly unknown both for those who suffer them and by their parents and families, and by society in general. In this sense, Amalgama7 arises the realization of actions which may contribute to its dissemination and knowledge and, therefore, to prevention and assistance.

Portal Private Foundation, support for boys and girls with dual disorders and their families

It’s an entity essentially formed by parents and families of teenagers and young people affected by dual disorders, Amalgama7 sharing basic objectives such as social advocacy, prevention, care and research of new resources and assistive devices and social and occupational reintegration.

Spanish Society for Child to Parent Violence Studies (SEVIFIP)

Amalgama7, together with other institutions of national scope (Recurra-Ginso, Community of Madrid; Euskarri, intervention and training centre on chlid to parents violence, Basque Country; Pioneros Foundation, La Rioja; Amigó Foundation, Valencian Community) is part of this entity which aims in basic scientific research, the exchange of information and training and child to parent violence prevention.

Althaia Foundation, healthcare network of Manresa

Amalgama7 has signed an agreement with this health foundation under which both entities collaborate in assistance and tasks of scientific research on teenagers and young people affected by behavioral disorders and/or dual disorders.

Barcelona Official College of Phisycians (COMB)

Amalgama7 has signed a collaboration agreement with COMB which enable, among others, start and share training and research projects, as well as specific welfare benefits for referees of COMB.

Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona

Amalgama7 has an agreement with this entity through which can cater to families in precarious social and economic situation requiring specialized attention related to conflicts arising from certain risk behaviors generated by teenagers or young people.

Ampans Foundation

Amalgama7 have signed a collaboration agreement with Ampans Foundation that will allow both institutions to launch projects of common interest, while at the same time representing a strategic alliance to unite synergies within the scope of Behavioral Disorders (BD).

Jornada d’avaluació i debat

Evaluation and debate Day (annual)

Amalgama7, together with the Portal Foundation, and in collaboration with other foundations and organizations (such as the Obra Social “La Caixa”, the FC Barcelona Foundation, Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition…) organizes a working day involving families, teenagers and young people, professionals and experts in different fields, among others, of health, education, legal, social services, technical and managerial public administration and elected officials. These workshops aim to present the annual follow-up studies carried out, as well as exchange and debate on issues related to teenagers and young people at risk.

(See “Annual Evaluation and Debate Day“.)

Intervention in media

Amalgama7 collaborates with print and audiovisual media. In this sense, participates in reports, discussion programs, space news, documentaries…

(See “Articles, publications and mass-media“.)