Party for the Earth

This party belongs to the field of educative activities. It takes place on the occasion of the arrival of Spring in the Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Can Ros. Taking advantage of its magnificent natural environment, it organizes a thematic day related to the environment, sustainability and the primordial role of nature in society and in our life. Up to 2018 there have been 2 editions.

Prior to the day of the party and during March, the academic and educative teams of this Therapeutic School have carried out various activities, games and training sessions with the purpose of sensitizing the resident boys and girls about the need to adopt habits and behaviors respectful with nature. Living on a healthy planet, blue and green is everyone’s business!

There are various activities that take place during the festival: a macro game of tracks (Gymkana Can Ros), a photo contest (of various themes), planting of trees and native plants, etc. Likewise, the party is invited to neighbors of the nearby towns, relatives and friends of the young residents.


  • To make us aware that caring for nature is a matter for everyone.
  • Make this day of celebration an open day so that people who wish to know the facilities of the therapeutic school, as well as its plan of operation.
  • May the residents themselves be protagonists and at the same time host their guests.
  • Celebrate in a playful, open and shared way the Party for the Earth.
Party for the Earth