Why Amalgama7?

Is it becoming more and more difficult to live with your son or daughter? Is he/she irritable and uncommunicative? Does he/she have little motivation at school? Do you see him/her anxious or sad and don’t know why? Do you see him/her uninterested and very disoriented regarding his/her future? Does he/she have a favourable attitude regarding the consumption of alcohol and other drugs? Does his/her attitude to food worry you? Do you think he/she misuses old and new technologies (“screenism”)? Is it more and more difficult for you to understand each other?…

Amalgama7 is a private organisation which has an agreement with the Public Administration and which since 1997 has attended to teenagers, young people and their families who find themselves in one or more of these situations. More than 5,000 clinical stories vouch for us..

More information: “About us”.