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Start and Presentation of the new academic year 2018-19

On Monday, September 3th 2018, the new course has begun in the classrooms of Amalgama7. The teachers of the different Amalgama7 therapeutic and educative schools have explained to the resident students the dynamics of the new course and what topics will be discussed in the various subjects during the course.

At the same time, on Tuesday September 4th, new year 2018-2019 have been presented to the parents of our residents, an event in which the teachers have explained them the agenda and dynamics of their child’s course.

The School of Amalgama7 is a service offered to students at therapeutic schools so that they can follow the usual school rhythm during the stage in which they are being treated. From Amalgama7 we understand school, academic and formative activity in general as an instrument in the service of therapeutic action, and it is taught in accordance with the guidelines received and agreed by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The classroom welcomes boys and girls who have experienced difficulties in their school rhythm.

From these lines we want to encourage our resident students to start this new academic course with strength and desire, and wish them the best throughout the course.