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IV Technical conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk

Edition 2017

The next October 19th 2017 is scheduled to be held at the Auditorium of Cosmocaixa Barcelona the Fourth Day of prevention and care for teenagers at risk, entitled “Adopción: ¿factor de protección o factor de riesgo?… ¡18 años después!” (“Adoption: protection factor or risk factor?… 18 years later!”), organized by Fundació Privada Portal, to support boys and girls with dual disorders and their families, and with the technical direction of Amalgama7, Therapeutic and educative attention for teenagers, young people and their families, with an expected attendance of 350 professionals. This technical day is free of charge upon invitation.

The last edition, titled “Adolescentes con comportamientos de riesgo: ¿enfermos o maleducados?” (“Teenagers with behavioral disorders: sick or rude?”), addressed the issue of behavioral disorders in teenagers and young people primarily focusing on the areas of health, education and family. In this fourth edition, we propose to discuss adopted adolescents, and their families, once they have come of age.

Today, we have the confirmation of participants representing different administrations (Departments of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Education and Health, Generalitat de Catalunya); centres and entities of a charitable nature (Pac Taulí Sanitary Corporation, Catalan Mental Health Cluster, Vidal i Barraquer Foundation, Cria Familia, Recurra-GINSO Program, ITA…), entities of the third social sector (Addif, La Voz de los Adoptados, CORA…) and will have a special participation young adoptees and adoptive families.

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