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Diada Castellera (Human Towers Day) in Valls

Last Sunday, September 10th, residents of the Therapeutic and educative school CTE Can Ros participated in a Human Towers Day in Valls (Tarragona).

Taking advantage of the “castells” workshops they are doing in the school, as a cultural and educative activity, they were welcomed by the group Colla Jove de Valls at their headquarters, where they were shown their facilities and the museum.

Then, they accompanied the members of the “Colla” in a pass through the city until arriving at the Plaça del Blat, place where they celebrate the castellers days of Valls. And as if they were one more member of the group, they participated of the day helping to make the base. And they made history! In the first “castell” in which they participated, a 2 of 8 without lining, castle that with 200 years of castle’s history no group of Valls had managed to unload. And for the first time, this Sunday, and with the help of boys and girls residents of CTE Can Ros, it was achieved!

Congratulations to all of you for your success!

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