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Closing of 4th Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk

Last Thursday, October 19th 2017, in the Auditorium of Cosmocaixa Barcelona, took place the 4th Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk, organized by the Portal Foundation, to support teenagers and young people with dual disorders and their families, and with the technical direction of Amalgama7, therapeutic and educative attention for teenagers, young people and their families.

In this fourth edition, entitled “Adoption: factor of protection or risk factor? … 18 years later!”, it was reflected on the characteristics and specificities that can be presented by many boys and girls adopted during such a complex stage like adolescence, and even after coming of age. Likewise, the answers offered from the fields of education, health and social services for these young people and their families were assessed.

This year’s Conference was once again a successful participation, managing to cover the available capacity days before, and managed to gather a large number of interdisciplinary experts: representatives of the Public Administration, schools, assistance services, biopsychosocial, diverse university faculties, entities of the third social sector, professional associations… In total, 350 professionals who debated both from the different round tables and from a wide range of experts.

For more information: Conference’s website

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