Human towers Day of Santa Ursula in Valls
Closing of 4th Conference on prevention and care for teenagers at risk

Visit to the Andy Warhol Exhibition at CaixaForum Barcelona

In October, residents of the CTE Julià Romea Therapeutic and Educative School visited the exhibition about Andy Warhol scheduled at the CaixaForum Barcelona.

Under the title “WARHOL: Mechanical Art”, the exhibition traces the creative career of the artist from his beginnings as a graphic designer in New York until his death, converted into a myth of pop art. The exhibition highlights the way in which Andy Warhol captures the cult of merchandise that emerged from the industrial inventions of the 19th century. In this way, the boys and girls of CTE Julià Romea were able to enjoy directly the most important works of the author of the emblematic Campbell’s soup picture, who had previously worked in the Amalgama7 classroom.

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