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Amalgama7 signs the agreement of the INCORPORA program of Obra Social La Caixa


On July 15, Amalgama7 signed the agreement of the INCORPORA program of Obra Social La Caixa.

This program promotes the social and occupational integration of people at risk of exclusion thanks to the commitment of the technicians Incorpora and the companies that collaborate with.

Amalgama adds this program to the existing one that is carried out in the Fundació Privada Portal, which with the labor insertion company, Portal Berguedà, elaborates, among others, yogurt Delicias del Berguedà.


Modelo Incorpora: It presents what it is and what are the objectives of the program, and describes the portfolio of services and processes.
Methodology Guide Incorporates: Establishes the key aspects in terms of quality with regard to the work procedures carried out by the technical staff of the Incorporate entities.
Quality indicators: It consists of a battery of indicators that have been designed to evaluate objectively the quality of the work done by the entities.

INCORPORA  for people:

  • Mediation during the labor insertion process: joint review of available job offers and analysis of which fit best with each profile.
  • Improve employability through training to enhance social and labor skills.
  • The training includes practices in companies that will help enter the workplace.
  • In addition, it promotes different initiatives to guarantee the equal opportunities of the groups with special difficulties to access the labor market: Reincorporates, creating second opportunities for people deprived of freedom, and Mental Health, eliminating the existing barriers in mental health

We will inform you about the number of boys and girls that you have received in this project that we predict will be very useful and enriching.