Which are the causes and / or the variables that promote violence in teenagers and young people?

According to the majority opinions expressed by teenager students in workshops on violence that we have taught in schools, the main causes that encourage the appearance of violent behavior in teenagers and young people are:

  • Jealousy: want to be, have or do what they are, have or make other friends or social referents identified as successful.
  • The “follow-up” of the leader: the mimicry of wanting to be and doing what the leader of the own group of friends or the media leader is and does.
  • Drugs: with the influence of alcohol and other drugs (some more than others) it is easier to star or stick to violent actions.
  • Little communication with parents, and the consequent lack of norms and discipline that they have received from their parents, an element that will end up influencing the violent actions of their children.
  • Fear of feeling rejected, not important to friends.
  • Media, television, movies… that often exalt and banalize violence.

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