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Castañada and Halloween in the therapeutic schools of Amalgama7

In order to celebrate the festivities of Castañada and Halloween a series of activities are being prepared throughout this month. Here we explain the most outstanding:

Therapeutic and educative school CTE Valldaura

During the month of October, the boys and girls resident of the therapeutic school have been preparing in different workshops activities to celebrate the festivity of the Castañada and Halloween.

The same day 31 there will be a kitchen workshop to make buns. A party ending is planned where we will share chestnuts, our traditional “panellets” (sweets made with a base of marzipan, with almond, sugar and egg) and a lot of smiles.

Therapeutic and educative school CTE Can Ros

In Can Ros they prepare diverse activities like a tunnel of the Terror and a yincana of Halloween that will prepare each Unit of Coexistence (UC).

Also from the classroom of Can Ros will work the festivities of the Castañada and Halloween. Aspects like the origin, the tradition, different celebrations that are made in the world, vocabulary related to the holidays and the School will be decorated.

Finally we will have the “panellets” contest, where the residents will organize for coexistence units to elaborate them and in the end a jury of boys and monitors will choose what the best buns have done and it will give different prizes: winner, the most original, among other categories.

Therapeutic and educative school CTE Julià Romea

In Julià Romea we will celebrate the Castañada doing a cooking workshop, where we will elaborate the traditional “panellets”.

At the time of the snack, we will celebrate this festivity with our “panellets” together with the chestnuts, sharing residents and equipment a special afternoon.