Therapeutic and educational school CTE Valldaura

CTE Valldaura

Welcome to Valldaura, therapeutic school: 20 years of clinical, academic intervention and socio-educational in an unbeatable natural area

This is a former Cistercian monastery from the 13th century, with more than 2,500 m2 useful space, recovered, adapted and transformed for therapeutic and educational care of boys and girls resident activities. Located in a natural privileged environment in the Berguedà (Barcelona), has interior spaces suitable for the different therapeutic activities (classrooms and multi-purpose hall, library...), as well as large outdoor spaces, with track sports, pool, picnic area, signposted paths...

Valldaura: therapy, very specialised school and a plethora of activities in nature


Facilities designed to promote therapy

Outdoor facilities

Towards responsible autonomy

Shop kitchen

A kitchen ready for a healthy and balanced diet

Dining room

Motivating school: one of our differential traits

Motivating classroom

Clinical intervention: served by an interdisciplinary team

Clinical intervention

Diverse and complementary activities


Towards a socio-labour insertion

Actividad sociolaboral
Actividad sociolaboral

Coordination with the administrations and family care

Coordination and families

A specialist legal advice

How does a day at Valldaura?


The day begins at 7: 30 h. To lift us play dress up, make the bed and breakfast. Once collected the table and made the first sports activity (gymnastics, hiking…), we have group therapy first and then it is time to go to the classroom. Simultaneously starts the individual clinical care, where every resident, depending on your treatment Plan, has scheduled queries. Average tomorrow we have a break and second breakfast.

Educational and clinical activities continue until lunch time. In the afternoon, after a period of free time, they resumes both own therapeutic school and outside of it, and in the case of the latter are structured in different fields: sports, cultural, educational, leisure (football, volleyball, basketball, visits to) museums, cinema, theatre, hiking, camping, etc.). These activities are designed with the objective that contribute to therapeutic progress.

At the gates of dusk, residents are showering and prepare for dinner, which is served to 20 h. As closing day, we met for the last group therapy, followed by a brief time of leisure, until bedtime, at 22.30 h.

Holidays and weekends have special programming.


Summary of activities of the Valldaura therapeutic school during the first days of May

Desde la escuela terapéutica Valldaura siguen impulsando actividades educativas y terapéuticas con las chicas y chicos del centro. Destacamos algunas ...
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The Valldaura therapeutic school celebrates its Fiesta Mayor

El 1 de mayo es la Fiesta Mayor de Valldaura. Este día siempre ha tenido una magia especial para Valldaura: ...
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Summary of activities of the Valldaura therapeutic school during Easter

From the Valldaura therapeutic school continue to carry out different therapeutic and educational activities with the students, despite the restrictions ...
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Summary of activities of the Valldaura therapeutic school during the first days of confinement

Since the Valldaura therapeutic school, the team of professionals of the center has been organizing a series of activities aimed at the ...
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Preventive measures in our therapeutic schools

Amalgama7 has been taking care of the mental health and psychological well-being of young people for more than 20 years.
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Kayaking route through the Baells swamp - CTE Valldaura

During the month of July the resident boys and girls will make an excursion to the swamp, located in the municipality of ...
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Departure to the pool of Gironella - CTE Valldaura

Para refrescarnos y gozar del verano, realizamos quincenalmente salidas a la piscina de Gironella. Con esta actividad lúdica. los chicos ...
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Parque de la Palomera - CTE Valldaura

This adventure park, located in the Pedraforca area, offers the possibility of different tours and itineraries, just a few minutes from the ...
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Visit to the Pyrenees Zoo - CTE Valldaura

One of the external departures scheduled during this month of July will be the visit that the residents of the ...
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End of Course Party 2018-19

Saturday, July 6, the Academic Day of Amalgama7 took place, an act that marks the end of the course of the ...
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Excursion to the sanctuary of the Quar - CTE Valldaura

Sunday, may 12 residents of the CTE Valldaura made a trip up to the Santuario of Quar. He...
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Festa major de Valldaura 2019, Aplec of Santa Maria de Valldaura

Next Wednesday, may 1, 2019 will be held the Festival (Romería of Santa Maria de Valldaura) of...
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Sant Jordi 2019 in the therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7

One more year, from therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 we are to celebrate the festivity of Sant Jordi...
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Carnival 2019

Carnival Amalgama7 2019

During the month of February, therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 residents are preparing for holding...
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Castle of the Barons of Pinós

Visit to the castle of the Barons of Pinós

In February, residents and the therapeutic school and education CTE Valldaura academic team will make an exit to visit the...
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Museum House Patum de Berga

Visit to the Museum of the Patum de Berga

To start with a good year, therapeutic school and education CTE Valldaura residents will go to the Museum of the...
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