Amalgama7, therapeutic and educational care for adolescents, young people and their families


Amalgama7 has two outpatient ambulatory centres in Barcelona (in the Gran Via of les Corts Catalanes, in the Eixample) and Madrid (at calle Hermosilla, in the Salamanca district), which offer the following services

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We have an own residential network of therapeutic and educational schools in Catalonia, approved as centres community health specialist for the Department of health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Therapeutic and educational schools in Amalgama7


We have day centre places intended as therapeutic and academic space to explore the origin of the difficulties of learning, lack of adaptation, loss of habits of study and/or class attendance… students…

Amalgama7 day care centres

Ambiulatorios Amalgama7
Therapeutic and educative schools
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At Amalgama7 we have, among others, a diagnostic orientation program, in which, in a period of a month and a half, Schedule 11 visits, psychologist and psychiatrist, individual and family, and give them a diagnostic report to its completion, with the guarantee of the clinic of Amalgama7, centro sociosanitario approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Outpatient programs

Diagnostic orientation (POD) program


In outpatient centers and therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7, we have a new and revolutionary system diagnosis of ADHD by a simple computer test. Innovative technology that reduces normal timeout in these diagnostic tests. Our artificial intelligence algorithms to identify ADHD with a 90% accuracy!

Diagnosis of ADHD

Amalgama7, 20 years


We offer a range of services specifically targeting the groups three forming the school: students, parents, and teachers from secondary and high school courses. It's courses and workshops designed to measure on themes around main risk behaviors that adolescent students present.

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Questions A7

Is made increasingly difficult living with his son or his daughter?

    • Is he/she irritable and uncommunicative?
    • Does he/she have little motivation at school?
    • Do you see him/her anxious or sad and don’t know why?
    • Do you see him/her uninterested and very disoriented regarding his/her future?
    • Do you think that you abuse of old and new technologies?
    • Does he/she have a favourable attitude regarding the consumption of alcohol and other drugs?
    • Does his/her attitude to food worry you?
    • Becomes increasingly difficult the understanding among you?...

Amalgama7 It is a private entity with public administration that caters to young adolescents and their families who suffer any or some of these situations since 1997. More than 5,500 cases attended behind us...

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Services to professionals

Do you want to be part of the? Network of professional partners of Amalgama7? We went to independent professionals, medical centers, hospitals, schools...

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In addition to the actual health care activity, Amalgama7 performs a wide range of preventive and educational activities, to different collectives, essentially academic world (students, parents and teachers), health (centres and) the health professionals in general) and education (educators and social workers specializing in the care of adolescents and young people).

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News and activities

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