Fiesta "dels bowling" at CTE Valldaura

On the weekend of October 12and and 13, boys and girls residing at the CTE Valldaura Therapeutic and Educational School will celebrate the traditional […]

Castañada and Halloween

In order to celebrate the festivities of castañada and Halloween, a series of activities are being prepared throughout this month. […]

Start and presentation of the academic year 2019-20

Monday, 2 September 2019, the new course was started in the classrooms of Amalgama7. Teachers at therapeutic and educational schools presented […]

Amalgama7 to Encuentro Madrid 2019

From 4 to 6 October 2019, Amalgama7 will participate in the EncuentroMadrid 2019 Fair that will take place in Madrid on “Crystal Pavilion” of the […]

VI Technical Day of Prevention and Care for At-Risk Teens: From Bullying to Cyberbullying: Victims?

On October 17, 2019, the celebration of the 6th Day of Prevention and Care is scheduled to take place at the Auditorium of Cosmocaixa Barcelona […]

International Mission to London

Amalgama7 participó en la misión organizada por el Cluster de Salut Mental durante los días 14, 15 y 16 de octubre. El objectivo de la misión […]