History and vision of Amalgama7

A7 20 years


From the service of prevention and treatment of drug addiction (SPOTT) of the Diputació de Barcelona, professionals who created Amalgama7 worked during the 1980's in the care of young drug addicts. In the mid-1990s came a new subsidiary collective clinical care who couldn't lace in public services: boys and teenage girls, policonsumidores of substance abuse (particularly alcohol, derivatives of cannabis and synthetic drugs), they did risk behaviors in various fields (family, academic, labor, sexual, legal and social) and that could significantly affect its performance in its core business (academic or work).

In order to provide service to these adolescents and young people, and also attend to their families, Amalgama7 was established in 1997.

In these 20 years, own network has been developed, among others, and specialized ambulatory, in Barcelona and Madrid, and residential care facilities, promoting a new device specialized for adolescents and youth with risk behaviors, disorders of conduct or dual Pathology: the Therapeutic and educational school. An innovative space that offers complementary resident, clinical, academic, and in a sense socio-educational attention, a holiday camp. Specific attention is also offered to families during the therapeutic process of the resident son.

In addition to the clinical activity, Amalgama7 offers a wide portfolio of services as well as it carries out activities in prevention, evaluation, research and social awareness, coordinating and combining efforts jointly with public administrations, universities, professional associations, scientific, professional societies and health, academic, entities of the social third sector companies, professional cluster centers…


Words for Julia

You can not go back
because life pushes you already
as an unending howl.

My daughter is better to live
with the joy of men
to cry to the blind wall.

You will feel cornered
you will feel lost or alone
Perhaps you want to not have been born.

I know very well that you say
that life has no object
It is an unfortunate affair.

Then always remember
of what a day I wrote
thinking of you as it is now I think.

Life is beautiful, you'll see
and despite everything
you will have friends, you have love.

A single man, woman
well taken, one by one
they are like dust, they are nothing.

But I when I speak unto you
When I write these words
I also think about other people.

Your destination is on the other
your future is your own life
your dignity is all.

Others expect you to resist
to help them your joy
your favorite between their songs.

Then always remember
of what a day I wrote
Thinking of you
How now I think.

You never deliver or turn you
by the way, never say
I can not anymore and here I am.

Life is beautiful, you'll see
and despite everything
you will have love, you have friends.

Otherwise there is no choice
and this world as it is
It will be all your heritage.

Forgive me not know to tell you
nothing else but you understand
that I'm still on the road.

And always always remember
of what a day I wrote
thinking of you as it is now I think.

José Agustín Goytisolo (1928-1999)