Who are we for

In Amalgama7 we pay attention outpatient, residential or regime of day-care center for adolescents and youth with behaviors of risk or a basic profile of dual pathology and/or behavioral disorder, and their families, with the aim of achieving changes in both addresses, both the teenager and his parents. In addition, we offer training and educational activities aimed at institutions and academics and health professionals.

Adolescents and young people

Teenagers and young people


  • Difficulties in family life.
  • School performance difficulties.
  • Consumption, polydrug use, abuse or dependence on toxic substances.
  • Filio-parental violence.
  • Other behaviors of risk in food, sexual, social, and legal.
  • Abusive use of new technologies (ICT) and/or paralyzing leisure general (mobile phone, TV, video games, Internet...).

Their families

Their families

who need guidance, advice and, if required, therapeutic care.

Also offers guidance and care specialized for adoptive families with children reach adolescence or who have passed the age of majority and who have risk behaviors, disorders of conduct or dual pathology.

Schools and academic and health professionals

Schools, professionals and health centers and residential

they need information, guidance, training or wishing to refer students or patients presenting risk behaviors.