III. Prevention and care to adolescents at risk day

Adolescents with conduct disorder: sick or rude?

Cosmocaixa Barcelona Auditorium, 20 October 2016


This day property as main objective not so much reflect on the multifactorial causes that can cause early school leaving (AEP), but also, and more specifically, to ponder the possible incidence of behavioral disorders in the phenomenon of demotivation school and EPA.

Several studies consider that the scholastic failure is explainable from different variables, such as factors of quality of educational plans, resources and training of its professionals, extraction, family and social factors. While these factors are relevant, we must also take into account studies of clinical (Nice, 2013;) Matali, 2016) which provide that 1 in 5 children will have throughout his childhood or adolescence any mental health disorder and that a large majority of them will present a conduct disorderstill today the mentals disorders group that generates more reasons for consultation on specialized devices.

Everything makes us think that the majority of adolescents and young people who fail in their studies is not because of low intellectual coefficient. Risk behaviors and the described behavior disorders may also be one of these multi-causal factors.

In this sense, this Conference aims to sensitize the participants to provide answers, which must be transversal, to deal with school demotivation and the decrease of the ASP, and who should be involved not only public administration, the school and the family, but also health services.


Style of the Conference organized by Amalgama7 is not that the speakers at each table made prior exposure, but is established an interdisciplinary debate from the first minute of table, entry, in the first hour, exclusively from the speakers and, subsequently, with the participation of experts and the Conference attendees.


8.15 pm: reception and delivery of documentation

9 h opening table

  • Antoni Llobet Mercadé, Secretary of education, Department of education, Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Maria Jesús Larios Paterna, attached to the Ombudsman for the defence of the rights of children and adolescents.
  • Ricard Calvo Pla, director general of the DGAIA, Department of labor and Social Affairs i families, Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Joan Colom Farran, Deputy Director general of drug addiction, Department of health, Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Jordi Labòria Martorell, President of the private Foundation Portal, to boys and girls with dual pathology and support their families.
    Presents: Montserrat Magrané Delfin, Director-general of Amalgama7, therapeutic and educational care for adolescents, young people and their families.

10 h: initial presentations:
Adolescent behavior disorders: two evaluative studies.

Mental health and school: integrated care attention to early detection

  • Cristina Molina Grill, Director of the Plan of Mental Health and addictions, Health Department, Government of Catalonia.

Teens and young students with risky behavior, conduct or dual pathology disorders: toward differential diagnosis

  • Jordi Royo Isach, director clinical Amalgama7, co-founder and Treasurer of the Board of Government of the Spanish society for the study of the Filio-parental violence (Sevifip).

Presenting and moderating: Joan Bas Moduit, clinical psychologist, Coordinator of the "Vincles" service of Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona.

11.30 h: pause

12 pm: round table 1:
What are the answers for teens who have behavioral problems at school?

  • Gemma Alsina Masmitjà, advises technique of the general Sub-Directorate of Curricular management and attention to diversity, Department of education, Government of Catalonia.
  • Oriol Blancher Pach, President of the Catalan school Association (AEC), director of the IPSI school.
  • Josep Roca Gallifa, Dean of the Faculty of psychology, educational sciences and sport Blanquerna-URL.
  • Jaume Funes Artiaga, psychologist and pedagogue, Member of the Board governing of the Associació de Mestres Rosa Sensat.
  • Jose Ramon Ubieto Pardo, psychotherapist, basic social services, Barcelona City Council.
  • Samuel Rodríguez Muñoz, school psychologist, unit Medico-educativa (UME) institution Balmes, Sant Boi de Llobregat.
  • Pilar just apples, shared schooling (UEC) unit school Colomer, Barcelona.
  • Begonya Gasch Yagüe, Director of the Fundación El Llindar, school of second Oportunidad-Alternancia between training and work.
    Presenting and moderating: Marc Guilló Vila, head of studies of Amalgama7.

14 h: lunch (organized within the own Cosmocaixa enclosure)

15 h: round table 2:
Crisis care devices for teens in crisis.

  • Montserrat Dolz Abadia, head of the Department of child and youth psychiatry, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona; Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Catalan society of Psychiatry Infanto-juvenil.
  • Àurea Autet Puig, head of the Department of child and youth psychiatry, Althaia Foundation healthcare network of Manresa; Member of the Board of Directors of the Catalan society of Psychiatry Infanto-juvenil.
  • Amaia Hervás Zúñiga, Coordinator of the service of children and young people, Mental Health Hospital Universitario Mutua de Terrassa.
  • Rosa Diaz Hurtado, psychologist at the service of Psychiatry and adolescent psychology, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.
  • Ricardo Migliorelli, psychiatrist of child psychiatry and juvenile of the Corporation Sanitària Parc Taulí in Sabadell service.
  • Antoni Calvo López, director of the Social protection programme, official Medical College of Barcelona, director of the Galatea Foundation.
  • Josep M. Fàbregas Pedrell, director of clinical research and treatment of addiction (CITA).
    Presenting and moderating: Maria Claustre Jane Ballabriga, Director of the Master in clinical psychopathology infanto-juvenil, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

16.30 h: pause

17 h: round table 3:
Biopsychosocial health care answer: diagnosis, criteria of income, treatment, discharge and follow-up.

  • Montserrat Magrané Delfin, Director-general of Amalgama7, Barcelona.
  • Montse Sánchez Povedano, Director general of the Institute of food disorders (ITA), Barcelona.
  • Eduardo Atarés Pinilla, director of United Campus, program use-GINSO, Madrid.
    Presenting and moderating: Ramon Martí Montraveta, Chief of the psychiatry service of Amalgama7.

18.30 h: round table 4:
Expelled from the system alumnos-Pacientes: success stories.

  • Testimonials from cured.
  • Testimonies of parents and brothers of cured
  • Judit racing i Tort, Coordinator of the Presidency of the Foundation website.
  • Mercedes Galan Barrios, Director of the Institute of food disorders (FITA) Foundation.
    Presenting and moderating: Anna Velilla Calvo, Director of residential centres and care for families of Amalgama7.

19.30 h closing of the day.



Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Delegation of the Government in the Central Catalonia
    • Laura Vilagrà Pons, delegate of the Government in the Central Catalonia.
  • Department of education
    • Gemma García Calatayud, Inspector of education.
    • Àngels Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Inspector of education.
    • Anna Rosanas, technical service that Curricular management and high school.
    • Enric Castella Castella, head of the adult education curriculum management.
    • LAIA Pérez, Director UEC of Viladecans.
  • Department of labor, Social Affairs and family
    • Xavier Soley Manuel, director geriatric residential centre Santa Coloma.
    • Agnès Russiñol Amat, Director of the ICAA.
    • Anna Llobet, jurist.
    • Ana Avellaneda Millan, head of the centers.
    • Núria Ardèvol Aragonès, head of section for children and adolescents in the Metropolitan Area.
    • Begoña Pujana Fernández, head of section of attention to minors of Barcelona city.
    • Miguel José Martos Tovar, head of the service of districts of Barcelona.
    • Teresa Securun Fuster, medical.
    • Sara Elisabet Torregrosa Lienas, social worker.
  • Department of Justice
    • Esther López López, lawyer of the juvenile prosecutor.
    • Ana Hernández Sala, Coordinator of team half open.
    • Teresa Clavaguera Viñals, head of section of management of schools.
  • Department of the Interior
    • Albert olive Mateu, Area proximity and public safety inspector.
    • Ana Hernández Sala, Coordinator of team half open.
    • Teresa Clavaguera Viñals, head of section of management of schools.
  • Síndic de Greuges
    • Bernat Albaigés, Advisor, childhood and Education Area.
    • Eva Querol, Advisor, childhood and Education Area.
    • Monica Arbelaez, Advisor, childhood and Education Area.
    • Judit Sartorio Albalat, Advisor.

Administration of the State

  • Diputación de Tarragona
    • Montserrat racing Garcia, Deputy delegate of teaching special education centers.

Government of Andorra

  • Ministry of Social Affairs, justice and Home Affairs
    • Aurembiaix Semis Foixench, head of the Area of support to youth shelters and Ex-tutelados.
    • Iolanda single Ciutat, Director, Centre D'acolliment d'Infants of Andorra, La Gavernera.

City councils

  • Jordi Samsó Huertas, Manager, Seguritat and prevention management, Barcelona City Council.
  • Josep Pera Colome, Manager, Barcelona social services Consortium.
  • Joan Rome Cunill, Mayor, city of Borredà.
  • Xavier Soley Manuel, Councillor, Town Hall of Sant Adrià de Besòs.


Health centers

  • Gustavo Faus Boronat, director healthcare, ITA.
  • Daniele Cipriano, responsible for program assistance, ITA Clinic.
  • Albert Montaner Galo, responsible for the CSMIJ of Montcada and Sant Andreu, FETB.


  • Almudena González García, law professor and clinical Coordinator legal protection of childhood and adolescence.
  • Daniel Ortega Ortigoza, Associate Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Josep Gustems Carnicer, Professor and head of Department, University of Barcelona.
  • Alfredo Abadias Selma, Professor, UNED.

Centers and educational groups

  • Lluís Font Espinós, President, Consell Escolar de Catalunya.
  • Jesus Moral Castrillo, Secretary, Consell Escolar de Catalunya.
  • Neus Agut Horna, Advisor, Consell Escolar de Catalunya.
  • Anna Carbonell Sayos, Director, Center of training Colomer.
  • Jesus Canelo Street, director, Center of training Colomer.
  • LAIA Berlanga Raya, Director, school special Mare de Déu de Montserrat.
  • Assumpta Aranda Rodoreda, psychologist, school special Mare de Déu de Montserrat.
  • Jordi Carmona Espinosa, director, school Garbi-Pere Vergés.
  • Nuria Vendrell chain, head of the Department of educational guidance, IPSI school.
  • Aleix Llop Altés, Coordinator of that school Sadako.
  • Xavier Güell Cardona, director, school network.
  • Ricard Dastis Vila, Coordinator of human formation and Social studies professionals, Jesuits in Sarrià.
  • Dolors Orta peaks, doctor of health school, French school of Barcelona.

Professional colleges

  • David Rodriguez Abellán, Member of the Committee on childhood, College of Social work in Catalonia.

Entidades del Tercer Sector Social

  • Marta Sanchez Bret, Cluster Manager, Cluster of Mental health of Catalonia.
  • Marta García Mejías, psychologist, Red Cross, technical service (Sant Cugat) family encounter point.
  • Isabel Rubio Badia, President, Foundation Adana.
  • Neus Calleja Fernández, Director Foundation help and hope – Hope phone.
  • Cristina Gómez Prada, Director of training, Foundation El Llindar.
  • Miriam Pérez Jiménez, pedagogical coordinator, Fundación El Llindar.
  • Albert Montaner, Foundation Eulalia Torras BEA.
  • Ramon Garriga Saperas, pattern, Foundation FC Barcelona.
  • Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón, Director, Fundación La Granja.
  • María José Brito Unzueta, Department head of guidance, Jesuit Education Foundation.
  • Ricard Rodriguez Abellan, director, Foundation MAIN.
  • Jordi Boza de la Rosa, Deputy Director, Fundación MAIN.
  • Anna Taberner, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Fundación Torres with BEA's.


  • Administrations
    • Generalitat de Catalunya: Departamentos de Educación; Health; Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales, Centre; Justicia; Inside…
    • Government of Andorra: Ministerios de Asuntos Sociales, Justicia e Interior; Health, etc..
    • Síndic de Greuges
    • Diputación de Tarragona
    • Consortium of social services in Barcelona
    • Barcelona Ayuntamientos, Borredà, Castelldefels, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Corbera de Llobregat, Girona, Gironella, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Sant Pere de Ribes, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Tarragona, Vilada, Vilanova i la Geltrú…
    • Local police force, the Mossos d'esquadra
  • Schools and universities
    • Catalan School Association (AEC), Rosa Sensat Teachers Association; multiple IES Barcelona and regions (IES Manuel Blancafort, Mediterranean…); Bethany schools-Patmos, Colomer Training Centre, the College Jesus Maria, leisure center Druid, special school Mare de Déu de Montserrat, Granés, Balmes, Institution IPSEA, IPSI, the Jesuits (Bellvitge, Casp, Sarrià), Lexie, Liceu Barcelona's French, Peter Vergés; Escoles Pies (Balmes, our Lady and terrace); Oak House, Sadako, Salesians Calassanç and Sarrià. Santa Anna, Sant Martí, Stucom Training, Tecnos, Voramar…
    • Universities of Barcelona, Autónoma de Barcelona, Ramon Llull, Blanquerna-Internacional de Catalunya, Rovira i Virgili University, UNED…
  • Centros y asistenciales hospitals
    • Several CSMIJ of Barcelona and comarcas (Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Montcada y Sant Andreu…); hospitals (Sant Joan de Déu, Pere Virgili health care Park Clinic and of Barcelona; Althaia Healthcare Network of Manresa, Benito Menni CASM in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Corporación Parc Taulí de Sabadell Health, Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Mútua de Terrassa, Nostra Senyora de Meritxell in Andorra; hospitals of Día de Adolescentes (Granollers, Nou Barris, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi); Date, The Red Cross…
  • Centros especializados asistenciales
    • Recurra Program-GINSO (Madrid), Amalgama7 (Barcelona), ITA (Barcelona)
  • Entidades del Tercer Sector social
    • Mesa de entidades del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya, Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona, Fundación the threshold, Intress, Roots Association, Association against anorexia and bulimia (AHAB), Catalan Association of family members and Patients of schizophrenia (ACFAMES), Drug addiction intervention Association Egara (Aide), Experientia Association, an Association of Cognitive Cardiopathies, Casa de la Alegría, Cooperative Suara, EDUVIC, Coordinator of Cooperative Organizations of Poble Sec, CC Convent de Sant Agustí, shortcut Social Action Foundation, children (FASI), Fundación Ayuda y Esperanza, Fundación ARSIS, with BEA Eulàlia Torras, Crossroads Foundation Foundation, Fundación Galatea, IPSS SUCH Foundation, Fundació Fontanilles, Merced Foundation, Foundation Content MAIN, Obicex Foundation, Foundation The pedagogical, Pere Tarrés Foundation, Private Foundation Work Protect agriculture, life, Health and Community Foundation and Project Foundation, Fundación Vidal i Barraquer, children's Foundation by the Family Protection, the Jesuits education, FLG Association of families LGTBI, Adhd, Sport2live Platform, Suara Cooperative; MILESTONE, GINSO…
  • Professional colleges
    • Doctors, journalists, workers and educators social, lawyers…
  • Collaborators
    • Obra Social La Caixa, Foundation FC Barcelona, Nestle Health Science, Mental health of Catalonia, Barcelona Diocesan Caritas, Cluster official College of physicians of Barcelona, Colegio de Periodistas de Catalunya, school teachers and social educators of Catalunya, the advocacy of Barcelona's Bar Association…