II Conference prevention and care to adolescents at risk

Framework, measures and legal instruments for juvenile offenders of a crime of violence filio-parental (VFP): past, present and future

Cosmocaixa Barcelona Auditorium, October 7, 2015


9 pm: reception and delivery of documentation.

9.30 h: opening table

  • Joaquim Clavaguera Vilà, Director General of Penal enforcement community and juvenile justice, Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Cristina Maiso Fernández, General Director of Justice, Department of social policy, family, equality, and justice of the Government of La Rioja.
  • Maria Jesús Larios Paterna, Deputy to the Ombudsman for the defence of the rights of children and adolescents.
  • Javier Urra Portillo, President of SEVIFIP. President of the Committee governing of recourse-GINSO.
    Presents: Montserrat Magrané Delfin, Director-general of Amalgama7, therapeutic and educational care for adolescents, young people and their families.

10.45: paper:
The criminal approach to filio-parental violence in Spain. Lights and shadows on the resources for the social reintegration of the child.

  • Carlos Vázquez González, Doctor in law. Professor of the Department of criminal law and Criminology, and Secretary of the Dean of Faculty of law of the UNED.
  • Alfredo abbeys Selma, Attorney at law, DEA by the UNED. PhD student in the Department of criminal law and Criminology of the UNED.
  • Daniel Ortega Ortigoza, CRAE Llar Les Vinyes social educator. Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. PhD student in education and society of the Faculty of education of the University of Barcelona.
    Presenting and moderating: Alba Fernández Pous, Ires Foundation projects of violence coordinator, Institute for Social rehabilitation.

12.15 pm: break

12.45 pm: round table 1:
Juvenile offenders for crimes of VFP and their families: what measures do we have? What should be?

  • Jesús Mª de Cacho Rivera, magistrate judge of the juvenile court only of Tarragona. Professor of criminal law of the Rovira i Virgili University (Tarragona).
  • Carme Guil Román, judge Dean of the Criminal Court No. 2 in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona).
  • Montserrat Bastit Vallmajor, judge of the only juvenile court of Girona.
  • José Mª Labado Santiago, judge of minors for the Court No. 1 of Logroño.
  • Isabel Fernández Olmo, Prosecutor Coordinator of minor Attorney provincial de Málaga.
  • Maria Teresa Soriano Villanueva, Prosecutor of minor Attorney provincial de Málaga.
  • Pablo Borjabad Tena, Prosecutor of minor Attorney provincial of Barcelona.
    Presenting and moderating: Ana Olivares married, lawyer of the Center Can Llupià of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

14.15 h: lunch (organized within the own Cosmocaixa enclosure)

15.30 h: round table 2:
Filio-parental violence in minors: police intervention.

  • Astrid ten Suarez, Inspector Chief of section of the service of attention to the family (SAF) of the curates General of police court. National police.
  • Ana Cristina Pinilla Cabanillas, Captain of the Civil Guard. Judicial police technical unit.
  • Jordi Manent Hom, Sergeant of the unit of minor of the Mossos d'Esquadra.
  • Xabier penalty Koka, Deputy Commissioner of the police station of San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa), responsible for criminal investigation and the section of gender violence, domestic and filio-parental.
  • Elena Cobler Martínez, agent of the unit of mediation, conciliation and arbitration of the Local police in Reus.
    Presenting and moderating: Santiago picture Jaén, Vocal of the Council Adviser of the Directorate General of police.

17 h: pause

17.30 h round table 3:
I National Congress Sevifip: some key points.

  • Juan Manuel Fernández Martínez, Member of the Council General of the power Judicial.
  • José Javier Huete Nogueras, room Coordinator of minor of the Prosecutor General's attorney.
  • Javier Urra Portillo, President of the Committee governing of recourse-GINSO. Madrid.
  • Roberto Pereira third, Director of Euskarri, intervention and training in Filio-parental violence. Bilbao.
  • Jordi Royo Isach, Clinical Director of Amalgama7, therapeutic and educational care for adolescents, young people and their families. Barcelona.
  • María José Ridaura Costa, psychologist of the friend Foundation in Valencia.
  • Ana Calvo Alvarez, Director of the legal measures of the pioneers Foundation program. Logroño.
  • Francisco Romero Blasco, a technical team of the juvenile prosecutor in Barcelona.
    Presenting and moderating: Pilar Núñez Nerín, Director of Area knowledge of childhood and Intress family.

19 h: end of the day.


Magistrates, judges, prosecutors and lawyers

  • Judit racing Tort, ex-parlamentaria, Parlament de Catalunya
  • Sol Pere Ordis, lawyer, Parlament de Catalunya
  • Dolors Montserrat, ex-parlamentaria, Parlament de Catalunya
  • Esther Andreu, Attorney, Parlament de Catalunya


Government of Andorra

  • Ester Fenoll García, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of health, Social Affairs and occupation
  • Alexandra Cornella Solà, Deputy Prosecutor, public prosecutor's Office of Andorra
  • Ruth Mallol Rovira, head of the Area of social care for children and the family, Ministry of health, Social Affairs and occupation
  • Gemma García Parés, head of the health care team of Mental health, service Andorran health care (SAAS)

Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Department of Justice
    • Ramon calf Laborda, Coordinator, technical team of mediation and technical advice of minor in Girona
    • Marc Ceron Riera, Deputy Director-general repair and Penal Enforcement to the community
    • Santos Fresno angle, head of the service of criminal execution of the management of Barcelona districts
    • Pius Fransoy Molina, head of the Department of alternative penal measures
    • Lidia Serratusell Salvadó, head of the Department of service and attention to the victim
    • María José Bartrina, Coordinator technical team no. 2 service of mediation and technical advice
    • Nicolás Barnés Méndez, forensic psychologist, computer advice technical criminal
    • Josep Font Catalán, prison psychologist
    • Javier González Pinedo, head of the Department of education centres, General Directorate of Penal Enforcement to the community and youth justice
    • Lidia Ayora Mascarell, responsible for programmes of technical advice and mediation service, General Directorate of Penal Enforcement to the community and youth justice
    • Miquel Angel Tapias Jaen, Coordinator team means open, General Directorate of Penal Enforcement to the community and youth justice
    • Rosa Badosa Collell, Coordinator open environment team of Girona, Directorate-General of Penal Enforcement to the community and youth justice
  • Department of welfare and family
    • Maria Mercè Santmartí Miró, Director general, General direction of attention to childhood and adolescence (DGAIA)
    • Joan Mayoral Simon, Assistant Director-general, DGAIA
    • Miguel José Martos Tovar, Chief service to the childhood and the adolescence of the counties of Barcelona, DGAIA
    • Silvia Casellas Serra, Chief Territorial Girona, DGAIA service
    • CRAEs, CREIs, EFI…
  • City councils
    • Jordi Samsó Huertas, Manager, prevention and safety management, Barcelona City Council.
    • Josep Pera Colome, Manager, Consortium of social services in Barcelona
    • Xavier Soley Manuel, Director residential Santa Coloma, Santa Coloma de Gramenet City Council
    • Judit racing Tort, former City of Olvan.
  • Police forces
    • Oscar Fernandez Cuco, Deputy Commissioner, national police.
    • Albert olive Mateu, head of the technical Area of proximity and public safety, Mossos d'esquadra
  • Professional colleges
    • Mercè Claramunt Bielsa, Member, the advocacy of Barcelona's Bar Association
    • Josean Echauri scissors, Secretary-General, Ibero-American Association of forensic psychology
    • Gustavo Tolchinsky, Secretary of the Board of Governors, official Medical College of Barcelona
    • Josep Vilajoana Celaya, Dean, official school of psychology of Catalonia
    • Monsalud Benítez, Member of the Commission for children and family, Colegio Oficial de Catalunya Social work
    • Begoña Escribano Garvin, vocal Board of Governors, school teachers and social educators of Catalonia
  • Care centres and the social Third Sector entities
    • Silvia Isis Gard, a psychologist and co-founder of CAIVI. Center of Integral attention to domestic violence
    • Montserrat Sánchez Povedano, Director, ITA.
    • Gustavo Faus, director healthcare, ITA.
    • Arantzazu farrier Carabante, President, association roots
    • Mireia Milián Ollé, consultant child and family, Caritas Diocesana de Barcelona
    • Maria Alba Fernández Pou, project of violence, Ires Foundation Coordinator
    • Ricard Rodriguez Abellan, CEO, Foundation MAIN
    • Emma Torres, Director Center checked, Foundation Mercè Fontanilles
    • Gemma Maudes Rosselló, Director therapeutic floors, Foundation Health and community
    • Vinyet Mirabent Junyent, welfare Director, Fundación Vidal i Barraquer
    • Rafael Yagüe Alonso, delegate in the Valencian Community, Foundation friend
    • José Miguel Belló, director of the Colonia San Vicente Ferrer Foundation friend
    • Javier Navarro algae, Manager, Foundation pioneers
    • José Manuel Valenzuela Pareja, technical director, Foundation pioneers
    • Alfredo Santos García, President, GINSO
    • Enrique Tuñón Serrano, Vice President, GINSO
    • Childhood, INTRESS and Belén Albizu Soriano, knowledge Coordinator
    • José Luis Sancho steel, director clinical, use-Ginso
    • Eduardo Atarés Pinilla, joined Campus director, resort-Ginso
    • Elena O'Callaghan, President, ADHD Catalunya


  • Administrations
    • Generalitat de Catalunya: departments justice, Social Welfare and family, education and health
    • Government of Andorra: Ministry of health, Social Affairs and occupation
    • Government of Cantabria
    • Government of La Rioja
    • Síndic de Greuges
    • General Council of the judiciary
    • Attorney General of the State
    • Juvenile prosecutor of Barcelona, Girona, Logroño, Malaga, Tarragona...
    • Consortium of social services in Barcelona
    • Management of safety and prevention - Barcelona City Council
    • Municipalities of Barcelona, Rubí, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Reus, Sant Adrià de Besòs
  • Police forces
    • National police
    • Civil Guard
    • Mossos d'esquadra
    • Ertzaintza
    • Local police
  • Professional colleges
    • Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, journalists, workers and social educators
  • Universities
    • Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona-Pere Tarrés Foundation, URL-Blanquerna, University of Deusto, University of La Rioja, Universidad de Navarra, Universidad de Valencia
  • Centros y asistenciales hospitals
    • Mental health cluster of Catalunya, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital Clinic de Barcelona y CSMIJ (Canovelles, Granollers, Barcelona, Villefranche), long, Vall d'hebron, Althaia-Manresa, Hospital Santa Maria-UD Arnau de Vilanova de Lleida, St. Peter Health Foundation Claver, Vidal i Barraquer Foundation
  • Centros especializados en Entidades asistenciales/Third Sector
    • Program use-GINSO (Madrid), Amalgama7 (Barcelona), Euskarri (Bilbao), Fundación pioneers (Logroño), Fundación Amigó (Valencia), Intress (Barcelona), Mennaisian Zamorajoven (Zamora).
    • AvanPsi-Atencio appointment, ITA, Pere goalkeeper and psychological Counselling, brief strategic therapy, Travel Tuition
    • Welfare and Development Association-ABD, ACTING SCCL, Roots Association, Association Volunteers "La Caixa", Barcelona, Bcn Cáritas Diocesana South Adana Fundation, Help and hope Foundation, Fundación Idea, Content Foundation, Fundación Main, Fundació Pere Tarrés, Private Foundation private Foundation Health Foundation Web site, Montsià, St. Peter Claver, Foundation for education the farm, Catalan society of Adolescent Psychiatry, SUARA cooperative, ADHD Catalonia
  • Collaborating entities
    • Obra Social La Caixa, use-Ginso, Euskarri pioneers Foundation, Foundation Amigó, Intress, Mennaisian, Foundation Portal, Afantdah, Ires, Cáritas Diocesana de Barcelona, College of journalists of Catalonia, Catalunya Mental Health Cluster…