Therapeutic and educational school CTE Can Ros

Welcome to Can Ros, a new area of therapeutic and educational care for adolescents, young people and their families

Located in the Alt Camp region (Tarragona), surrounded by vines and olive and almond trees, in a rural property of more than 100 hectares and with a total built-up area of over 3,500 m2, it has a residential space (units of living rooms with own bathroom, kitchen, living rooms, services area of management, administration and care for families) and school, with specialized classrooms, teachers room, room of computer science, workshops... On the outside, two pools, sports courts, orchards, gardens, picnic areas...

Can Ros: therapy, school and sport in a great space

Facilities designed to promote therapy


Towards responsible autonomy

Cooking for a healthy and balanced diet

Motivating school: one of our differential traits

Motivating school

Clinical intervention: served by an interdisciplinary team

Cristina Baliarda

Diverse and complementary activities aimed at their recovery


Towards a socio-labour insertion

Close families: continued support

Families 1
Families 2

A specialist legal advice

Legal assistance

How does a day in Can Ros?

Un dia

The day begins a little before 8 pm. First and foremost, dress, make the bed and breakfast. Once collected the table, it's time the first group therapy and, then, to the classroom. Simultaneously starts the individual clinical care, where every resident, depending on your treatment Plan, you have scheduled clinical inquiries. Average tomorrow we have a short break and second breakfast.

Educational and clinical activity resumes until lunch time. After a short period of leisure are scheduled simultaneously activities educational, clinical and school support. After the afternoon snack (17 h), and at the gates of the dusk, residents gather in their living units. It is the time the showers and let everything in order. Dinner starts at 8 pm and then there is scheduled a therapy group for each unit of coexistence, followed by a time of leisure, until turn off the lights at 2230 h.


Prevention workshops at the Swiss School in Barcelona

On December 12th and 19th members of the clinical team of the Barcelona outpatient, gave two workshops to ...
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Summer Classroom: Themed weeks! – CTE Can Ros

Every week is dedicated by centers of interest: journalism, the world of work, friendship, etc. and will have to do ...
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Amalgama7 participates in ADHD conferences at the Civic Center of Vendrell

Adela Massana psychiatrist of The CTE Can Ros participated on Thursday, May 30, in a Roundtable on ADHD, in ...
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End of Course Party 2018-19

Saturday, July 6, the Academic Day of Amalgama7 took place, an act that marks the end of the course of the ...
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Medieval fair of Montblanc - CTE Can Ros

The last Sunday of April 28 a group of residents of the therapeutic school and education CTE Can Ros...
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Diada Castellera of the Mila (Tarragona) - CTE Can Ros

Sunday, May 19 CTE Can Ros residents attend the Diada Castellera of the Mila (Tarragona). He...
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Fair Trapezi Reus 2019 - CTE Can Ros

Residents of the therapeutic school and education CTE Can Ros visited the fair Trapezi in Reus, which was held...
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Closing and award ceremony of the III Festival of the Earth 2019

Last Saturday, March 23, 2018 final Earth celebration III event took place...
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Sant Jordi 2019 in the therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7

One more year, from therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 we are to celebrate the festivity of Sant Jordi...
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III Festival of the Earth 2019

III Festival de la Tierra 2019 the therapeutic school and education CTE Can Ros organizes on March 23...
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Carnival 2019

Carnival Amalgama7 2019

During the month of February, therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 residents are preparing for holding...
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Dry Stone Barracks

Excursion to the dry stone barracks

The Pla de Santa Maria (Alt Camp) is one of the most prolific areas of dry stone construction. During...
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CTE Can Ros

Visit of a team of experts headed by the former Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya

The last on January 10, the former Minister of health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Ms Marina Geli, Coordinator...
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Live Amalgama7 the nothingness

Living Christmas in therapeutic schools

This Christmas, the boys and girls residing of the therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 and members of the teams...
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Feast of Christmas 2018

Holiday and Christmas 2018 lunch

Each year, arriving the traditional feast of December 25, held a Christmas meal for residents...
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Christmas fair in Tarragona

Visit the Christmas fair in Tarragona

The week of 14 to 20 December, divided into different groups and dates, the residents of the therapeutic school...
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