Therapeutic and educative schools

Vision of therapeutic and educational school

Many of the boys and girls attended have had a school history of difficulties, low performance and discouragement, but our residents, rather than students, people.

Therefore, in Amalgama7, and from the curricular contents, offer individualized academic attention motivating and projection for the future, from a vocational academic team, unconditional, cohesive and competent.

Motivate, train, discovering… Believe in the people. School of Amalgama7 we understand success as the process of reconciliation of the students themselves and their abilities.

Network of educational and therapeutic schools

We have an own healthcare network of outpatient centers consultations external in Barcelona and Madrid, and by day centres and residential in Catalonia (therapeutic and educational schools), rural and urban, approved as community health centers specialized by the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, registered in registration centers, health services and facilities of the Department of health, and the registration of entities, services and social facilities of the Department of labour, Social Affairs and households, as outpatient and residential social centres, and support for the socio-labour insertion.

In addition, to develop our academic task, regarding the compulsory studies, Amalgama7 has an agreement with the Department of education of the Generalitat de Catalunya under which we can teach and evaluate the secondary education (ESO) in the therapeutic schools. With respect to the mandatory post studies, from an agreement with the IOC (Institut Obert de Catalunya), we manage enrollment and impart various forms of high school classes.