Therapeutic and educative school CTE Valldaura

CTE Valldaura

Welcome to Valldaura, the Therapeutic School: 20 years of clinical, academic and socio-educative intervention in an unbeatable natural area

This is a former Cistercian monastery from the 13th century, with more than 2,500 m2 of useful space, recovered, adapted and transformed for the activities of therapeutic and educative attention for the residents. Located in an privileged natural setting in the Berguedà region (Barcelona), it has indoor spaces that are ideal for the performance of the various therapeutic and educative activities (classrooms and multi-purpose room, library…), as well as large outdoor spaces, multi-sport, natural pool, picnic area, signposted paths…

Valldaura: therapy, very specialized school and endless activities in the middle of nature

Facilities nature

Facilities designed to promote therapy

Facilities 2

Towards responsible autonomy


A kitchen for a healthy and balanced diet

Alimentation 1
Dinning room

Motivating schooling: one of our distinctive traits

School 2

Clinical intervention: dealt with by an interdisciplinary team

Clinical intervention

A variety of complementary activities to foster recovery

Natural pool

Towards employability

Socio-labour 2

Coordination with administrations and family care


Specialist legal support

What is a day at Valldaura like?

A day 1
A day 2

The day starts a little before 7:30 a.m. First, get dressed, make the bed and have breakfast. Once the table is collected and the first sports activity (gymnastics, hiking, …), it is time to go to the classroom and the residents who study in other urban schools move. Simultaneously, individual clinical care is started, where each resident, depending on his Therapeutic Plan, will have his clinic appointments scheduled. In the middle of the morning we have a short break and the second breakfast.

Educative and clinical activities continue until lunchtime. In the afternoon, after a period of free time, they are resumed both in the therapeutic school itself and outside of it, and in the case of the latter they differ in different areas: sports, cultural, educative, leisure (football, basketball , volleyball, visits to museums, movies, theater, excursions, camping, etc.). All these activities are designed with the aim of contributing to therapeutic progress.

At dusk, residents take a shower and prepare for dinner, which is served around 8:00 p.m. Already closing the day, we meet for the last group therapy, followed by a short leisure time, until bedtime, at 10:30 p.m.

Holidays and weekends have special programming.


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