Therapeutic and educative school CTE Julià Romea

CTE Julià Romea

Welcome to Julià Romea, an innovative urban space with an unbeatable location oriented to the therapeutic discharge

Located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighbourhood of Barcelona, this house, with more than 500 m2 useful space linked to the Portal Private Foundation to support boys and girls with dual disorders and to their families, and Amalgama7 exercises direction and the technical and professional management. It is a therapeutic and educative urban school that simultaneously enables the residential care – for teenagers and young people who are in the last phase of his treatment and Day Centre scheme.

Julià Romea: learning to live in the city without risks…


Facilities designed to promote therapy


Consolidating personal autonomy


A cooking prepared to ensure a healthy, balanced diet


Motivating schooling: one of our distinctive traits


Clinical intervention: dealt with by an interdisciplinary team

Clinical intervention 2
Clinical intervention

A variety of complementary activities to foster recovery

Beach activities

Towards employability


Close to families: ongoing support


Specialist legal support

Legal Support

What is a day in Julià Romea like?


The day beggins just before 7.30pm. First of all, it’s time to get dressed, make the bed and have breakfast. After clearing the table it’s time to go to class and the residents who study in other urban schools move. At the same time, individual clinical attention begins, whereby each resident, depending on their Therapeutic Plan, has a programme of clinial sessions. In mid-morning we have a short break and a snack. Academic and psychotherapeutic activities are resumed until lunchtime.

Thereafter, group therapy is scheduled. After a short recreation period, clinical, school reinforcement and socio-educative activities (various and complementary activities carried out outside the urban therapeutic school) are simultaneously programmed, such as cultural outings: theater, museums (science, painting, history…) and sports or leisure: bowling, beach, cinema, excursions, gymnasium… with the aim that the residents get to live in the city, learning to decrease risk behavior.

After the afternoon snack (6pm), as the evening approaches, it’s time for showers and tidying up. Then there’s a leisure time and the second daily group therapy session. Later the dinner begins at 9.30 pm. The residents are going to rest at 10.30pm and the lights go out.


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