Closing of the 20th edition of the clinical evaluation and debate session 2018
We go to the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC)

Let’s go to the Theater: “Concerto a tempo d’umore”

On November 28th, the resident students of the Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Valldaura went to the Teatre Principal de Berga to see the performance of the work “Concerto a tempo d’umore”.

It is a show starring the Chamber Orchestra of the Empordà, in which some of the best known pieces of classical music and the soundtracks of film classics are performed.

Twelve musicians and an orchestra director offered us a comic and musical montage with a soundtrack formed by the best known pieces of the great authors of classical music. A show with a lot of humor and with different funny gags, in which the public could participate taking the stage and the musicians went down to the stalls.

In short, a very fun experience that allowed us to strengthen the group cohesion and break with the routine of the day to day school.