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Sant Jordi 2019 in the Amalgama7 therapeutic and educative schools


One more year, from the therapeutic and educational schools of Amalgama7 we are preparing to celebrate, Sant Jordi´s Day.  ‘La Diada de Sant Jordi‘ is on 23rd April every year and is a very special day for romance and literature in Catalonia!.  These are some of the most outstanding activities:

CTE Can Ros –  Booktrailers of Sant Jordi

To celebrate the day of Sant Jordi a  different and alternative activity will be developed.

For this new activity,  a book to read was offered to residents and to work into groups. Once read, they must make an audiovisual trailer (booktrailer), where they will explain the values ??that the book wants to transmit, what it is going to and what they would highlight (without revealing the whole plot). The goal is to try to have someone else read that book.

Booktrailers are videos of a minute or two to encourage people to read a particular book. They are conceptual, without summarizing the book, but enough to encourage people to read it and at the same time share the values ??and feelings that the book conveys.

The final presentation will be made on April 23 and, if there is not enougth  time to see them all, they will finish viewing throughout the week.

CTE Valldaura – Literary contest

Following the tradition, the residents of CTE Valldaura will participate in the Literary Contest organized by the school each year at this time.

Therefore, during the week of April 15 to 21, the children will write a story, story or poetry. When the day of Sant Jordi arrives they will read their writing before a jury that will form the different members of the team, and will proceed to the delivery of prizes in each of the three categories.

CTE Julià Romea – Photographic contest

In addition to doing the traditional literary contest of Sant Jordi, Julià Romea will do a photographic contest.

This contest will consist in residents taking a picture  related to the Sant Jordi theme. The authors of the best pictures will receive a symbolic prize.

Happy Sant Jordi everyone!