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Presentation of Amalgama7 at the CSMIJ Granollers

On thursday, May 11th 2017, members of Amalgama7 clinical management team participated in a clinical session of the Center for Children and Youth Mental Health (CSMIJ) at Granollers (Barcelona).

In this speech, Amalgama7 submitted to this service professionals their therapeutic and educative intervention model, based on a therapeutic action that offers comprehensive care resulting from the interaction of six different areas: clinical, academic, socio-educative, legal, family and socio-occupational.

CSMIJ of Granollers belongs to the Service of Psychiatry and Psychology of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu at Esplugues (Barcelona) and it is part of the public attention to the mental health and psychiatric care for children and adolescence in the Catalan Health Service (SCS) of the Generalitat de Catalunya.