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The Night of the Oscars in Amalgama7

Past Monday, March 5th, within the classroom activities of the therapeutic and educative CTE Can Ros School we have celebrated the delivery of the Oscars. Previously we have informed and watched in class the trailers of the films nominated for the 2018 Oscars in 5 categories (best film, best director, best actor, best actress and best animated film) and residents will have already voted, depending on what that they have seen in the trailer.

On the 5th, once the awards of the Hollywood Academy have been handed out, we have contrast the results with those of the boys and girls, and we have analyzed to what extent we let ourselves be carried away by a well-made trailer (action images, shocking music, narrative rhythm , etc.), more than the script, and how a 2 or 3 minute projection can create an opinion full of prejudices; or maybe not…