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Live the Summer in the Therapeutic and educative schools of Amalgama7

The Therapeutic and educative schools of Amalgama7 have programmed for the summer a great diversity of activities of all kinds (psychotherapeutic, cultural, educative, playful…), both internal and external, for the resident boys and girls.

Among others, excursions and visits to various places in Catalonia will be carried out, activities that, taking advantage of the summer classroom hours, will be accompanied by previous and subsequent work in the classroom.

We present below the list of some of the most important activities that will take place in each of the schools:

CTE Can Ros: Summer Classroom – Thematic Weeks

During this summer, in Can Ros we will carry out the summer classroom from thematic weeks, which will be structured as follows:


  • In the first fortnight we will carry out activities related to mountain sports (sample of different types of sports, knowledge of the material, safety, environmental impact …)
  • During the second fortnight we will carry out activities related to the sea and the importance of it in our territory (biodiversity, source of economy, what it offers us at the leisure level …).


  • During the first fortnight we will celebrate the thematic week of the cinema, from two main activities (visualization and analysis of a classic of the history of the cinema and realization of a short film every unity of coexistence).
  • In the second fortnight, the theme will be the castles, architectural and human.

With the thematic weeks, we want that during the summer the boys and girls work different themes and disciplines in an enjoyable and interactive way, in order to learn new things in a much more fun way.

Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Valldaura

We detail some of the planned activities that are carried out jointly between the classroom and the socio-educative team:

Parc of la Palomera

This adventure park, located in the area of Pedraforca mountain (Berguedà, Barcelona), offers the possibility of making different routes and itineraries.

Through Tibetan bridges, stairs, zip lines, nets, tunnels, etc., the resident boys and girls will be able to enjoy this recreational activity, while at the same time they will be in full contact with nature.

Departure to the pool of Gironella

To cool off and enjoy the summer, we make biweekly trips to the Gironella pool (Berguedà, Barcelona).

With this playful activity, the resident boys and girls will be able to cool off from the heat and break away from the day to day of the classroom.

Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Julià Romea

In the CTE Julià Romea we have scheduled a month of July full of sports, educative, cultural, leisure activities… to alternate the Summer Classroom 2018.

The boys and girls of Julià Romea, together with the academic and educative team, can enjoy a wide range of activities. In the educative section, there will be several courses and workshops aimed primarily at labor insertion:

  • Leisure pre-monitor course
  • Food handler course
  • Kitchen workshop
  • Maintenance workshop
  • Master Romea

Regarding psychotherapeutic activities, a conference-workshop will be held by Alcoholics Anonymous. As a cultural activity, we highlight the visit to the Palau Robert exhibitions (Barcelona).

Finally, we will alternate the classroom activities with leisure activities to refresh this summer:

  • Forum Natural Pool (Barcelona)
  • Beach (coast of Barcelona)
  • Tibidabo Park (Barcelona)
  • Isla Fantasia (aquatic park, Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona)
  • Cinema
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