Child to parent violence or abuse (CPV)

Repeated behaviors of physical, psychological (verbal or non-verbal) or economic violence, directed at the parents, or at those people who occupy their place. It excludes punctual aggressions, those that occur in a state of diminished consciousness that disappear when it recovers (intoxications, withdrawal syndromes, delusions or hallucinations), those caused by psychological alterations (transient or stable) (autism or severe mental deficiency) and parricide without a history of prior aggression.

(Definition agreed by a group of experts of the Spanish Society for the Child to Parent Violence Studies, Sevifip, published in Papeles del Psicólogo, 2017. Vol. 38(3), pp. 216-223 and presented in the Second National Congress of CPV, Bilbao 2017.)


The Spanish Society for the Child to Parent Violence Study  (Sevifip) was born in 2013 to respond to a worrying and rising social demand, and with the following objectives:

  1. Study, analysis and research on the specific issue of child to parent violence.
  2. Share with scholars, academics and society in general the data obtained from the empirical study that the daily work of the entities and the professionals that integrate it allows.
  3. Conducting technical conferences, forums, national and international conferences.


The purpose of this association is to promote study, teaching, research, deontological regulation and the intervention of and in child to parent violence. To fulfill these purposes, the following activities, among others, are carried out:

  1. Encourage scientific exchange among professionals with a common interest in this field.
  2. Contribute to the dissemination of research, intervention techniques and, in general, knowledge about child to parent violence, to other fields of knowledge.
  3. Guide and inform all those who approach with an interest focused on child to parent violence.
  4. Collaborate with other associations, federations or related groups.
  5. Ensure good practices in the intervention in child to parent violence.
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