Which risks can the disclosure of personal and family data involve on the Internet?

Sometimes, the teenager, and in a conscious way, offers his own data such as name, age, telephone, family address, school where he studies, etc., and other times this same information unconsciously reveals when, for example , it hangs photographs sufficiently descriptive so that this or other complementary information can be deduced. Or when you activate the GPS of your device, allowing your automatic geolocation.

The incitement and often the insistence so that the teenager, and the user in general, gives personal data is not only from the interest of other users, but the network, in itself, prioritizes the capture of the maximum possible number of clients to sell your products and, therefore, try to identify them. When browsing the Internet, we constantly see bargains, all attractive and seemingly innocuous that to obtain them we claim that we disclose them: raffles, trips, promotions, prizes, etc. It is necessary to prevent and advise the teenager regarding the conditions of these “announcements” and in turn sensitize him / her so that he / she guarantees the maximum of his privacy and that of the family.

More information: “New technologies”.

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