Which are the main advantages of the Internet?

Conceptually, today we could not talk about the Information Society without the existence of the Network. In itself, this would be the main advantage. The Internet has revolutionized worldwide systems and forms of information, communication and entertainment. Below are some of its advantages and services:

  • Easy, fast and cheap access to information, communication and entertainment.
  • Very extensive offer of educational and recreational programs adapted to all ages and conditions.
  • Multiple applications in the fields of teaching, the arts, technology, medicine and the sciences in general.
  • Adaptations of software and hardware to information intended for people with physical and / or mental disabilities (accessibility).
  • Communication services: easy, fast and global, such as email, which allows you to send and receive messages between recipients from all over the world.
  • Instantaneous communication channels (such as Whatsapp or Line), very popular among teenagers, since it allows them to communicate in real time and in groups, as appropriate.
  • Interactive services in social networks, which also allow to communicate, exchange files, make proposals, organize meetings, organize events, exchange ideas, share friendships, meet new friends, etc. Facebook and Tuenti are currently the most used networks by teenagers (and adults).

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