What is Emperor Syndrome?

Children and teenagers suffering from the Emperor Syndrome, conditioned by family overprotection and the availability of the means at their disposal, evolve towards a pattern of behavior characterized by the conviction of being “special”, that is, holders of natural rights ( not of duties), of those who are deserving not as a consequence of their merits based on effort, but simply “being who they are”. These boys and girls usually manifest themselves from the exigency, from a continuous need to be admired and from a lack of empathy regarding the needs of others, especially their parents.

The experience of uniqueness of these teenagers leads them to believe that others should recognize them as unique and special. The pretensions of these teenagers are based on the fact that they constantly demand a “special” treatment that they consider “normal”. They usually respond in an angry and even violent way when parents try to put “limits”, for example schedules, or demand more school performance and more commitment in the assumption of domestic chores.

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