Primera trobada Projecte Inspire
First meeting in Brussels of the European INsPIrE Project
Live the Summer 2017 in Amalgama7!

Closing of the Year 2016-2017 of Amalgama7 at the Municipal Theater of Berga

On Saturday, July 8 2017, the Amalgama7 Academic Festival took place, which marks the end of the course for the resident and day center students of Amalgama7.

End of the Party 2017More than 400 people, including boys and girls attending the Amalgama7 therapeutic and educative schools, family, friends, academic team and other professionals, gathered at the Municipal Theater of Berga (Barcelona) to share graduations, awards, of more than 170 students who have passed through the classrooms of our schools at this year 2016-2017.

The students who graduated ESO received, as a gift, the work “That the future will smile you” of bronze, made for the occasion by the sculptor Javier de Mendoza Soler.

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