Berga Trail 2017
Participation in the Berga Trail 2017
End of course 2016-2017 ceremony of Amalgama7

Circus show of the Nou Barris Circus School in Barcelona

Escola Circ Nou Barris

On Thursday, May 25th, residents and a socio-educative team from the Therapeutic and Educative School CTE Julià Romea went to the Ateneu de Nou Barris (Barcelona) to see a show offered by the Nou Barris Circus School.

Beyond attending a mere play activity, it should be noted that the resident boys and girls could enjoy this show invited by a former resident of Amalgama7 who began his circus studies as a result of the workshops of Social Circus to which had attended during his residential process, and that at the moment he continues its formation in the Nou Barris Circus School.

May this be a stimulus for all, residents and relatives, to follow their objectives with enthusiasm and determination.