Excursión to the Dry Stone Barracks
Preventive conferences and workshops at the Llissach and La Gleva schools

Carnival 2019 in Amalgama7

During February, residents of the therapeutic and educative schools of Amalgama7 are preparing for the celebration of Carnival.

For this, the resident boys and girls, organized by groups, choose the reason for their disguise, which they will be making with the help of their educators and teachers in various workshops.

Finally, on Carnival day different activities will be carried out in each therapeutic school of Amalgama7. In the CTE Can Ros, each group will present their creations with a choreography following a rua inside the school. In the CTE Valldaura a groups competition will be held and, at the end, an interdisciplinary jury will choose the winners. Finally, at the CTA Julià Romea there will be a costume party that will conclude with a special joint snack.