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Amalgama7 with the European INSPIRE Project

Amalgama7 with the European INSPIRE Project

Last December, members of the academic management along with some residents of the therapeutic and educative school CTE Can Ros visited the University of Tübingen (Germany) on the occasion of the participation of Amalgama7 with the Department of Communication and Journalism of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the European Inspire Project.

In this meeting, along with the rest of the universities and organizations that participate, several workshops were held, including a radio program in which our representatives, with great solvency, carried out an analysis of the so-called “Fake news” or false news according to Donald Trump.

In January 2018, the activity resumed with sessions held at the UAB. On January 8th, the participating residents made a recording of the voiceover of a news about Black Friday, the sales and the Christmas markets. The next session of the project takes place this February.

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