Day centres

Day centres

The day center places are intended as:

  • Therapeutic and academic space to explore the origin of learning difficulties, lack of adaptation, loss of study habits and/or school attendance… students; and plan the adaptation of academic content to personal characteristics, to facilitate the achievement of the basic contents required to carry out ESO studies in our classrooms.
  • Therapeutic support for young people and families to address possible relational and learning issues within the family and/or at school.
  • Therapeutic space complementary to the completion of residential treatment in one of the schools.


  • To offer suitable spaces for the consolidation of psychotherapeutic and academic treatment, both for students who attend the classroom of the day center and for their families.
  • Decrease risky behaviors (abuse of new technologies, drug use, philo-parental, social, sexual, food violence)…) with the aim of extinguishing them.
  • Encourage and reinforce the interest in learning, adapting contents and means to the needs of each student, with the aim of recognizing their ability to reach content.
  • Use the classroom as a means to promote student autonomy and responsibility when it comes to facing the challenges of everyday life.
  • Give importance to both behavior and effort and the acquisition of new content to stimulate student performance in class.
  • Complete the ESO cycle by our students, achieving all academic and personal competencies.
  • To promote the realization of socio-educational, cultural, educational, sports and leisure activities, urban.


  • Comprehensive care: both with the student and, if applicable, with his family, making a therapeutic and academic approach, offering spaces of individual and group therapy.
  • Interdisciplinary team: we make available to the development of the therapeutic and academic process a team of professionals from various disciplines: psychologists, teachers, educators, physician…
  • We adapt to the individual needs of each student, favoring their involvement in the therapeutic and learning process.
  • We provide guidance for students and their families about their academic and/or work possibilities for the future.
  • We carry out group dynamics to promote the exchange of knowledge and help between colleagues, within the academic and therapeutic process.


They are urban and are located in the city of Barcelona.


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